See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


soccer with determination and no airplane distractions

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mystery at St. Michael's

What is a mystery but the unexplained. That is what happened tonight during the liturgy. It leaves me trying to rationalize the scene, questioning the appearance of discs on the left, second panel down, of the divided window.

The new glass, that replaced the previous style, is tinted and now needing a scrubbing. There is a faded imprint in what is called a pad that was used in securing the product initially. So, could it have been the way the sun was hitting on it as it was intently coming into the building around 7PM. Could that have caused the phenomena, or effect?

Once the sun had moved away, the slightest impression of the pads were visible, but not five of them, and those were plain. These had solid halo's just inside the disc, which were all the same size, and in the center of each were a Greek-style cross, set into a circle. They looked like observers peeking in our window. The halo's, set just inside of the disc, were colored in black. The solid circle center, had black crosses with five gem stones, set in. The objects were perfectly formed and were all identical.

I thought they had wings, and moved about. Now that is what I call a mystery. One which leaves more questions than answers without confirmation or other eye-witnesses.

The closest rendition to what I saw is from the book entitled Icons, by T. Talbot Rice, (Pg. 19), where Archangels Gabriel and Michael hold a medallion, except these had crosses in the center, with small wings like those on (page 105), to soar around the heavenly throne.

After a while you start to doubt. Strange things happen all the time which are unexplainable and may be in fact, "mysterious," which is "best left to mistaken."

But mistaken to what? Something was there. And, how do the artists get to draw the unseen? It makes one think now, doesn't it? If it was just the marks from the pad, where did they all mysteriously go? What remains beside the plain circle on the window, are my questions.

I just don't know. Maybe someone can shed some light on this?

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Had a great time shopping for our pre-born grandson in Millbury today. I remarked that people are very impatient behind the wheel. Don't stop for a minute, or they will try to pass you on the left or right. It may not occur to them that you stopped for a good reason, like a ball in the road, or pedestrian. No, they can't wait to scoot on by you in order to gain turf, taking up grass, sidewalks or going into break-down lanes just to get through. Most alarming are those who think it is okay to go through red lights. More than once, we noticed people advancing us in our lane. Stay on your own side, buddy. As my grandson would say. "slow down." He says that "daddy says that". Tomorrow is father's day and Nate has a "great daddy." We stopped in Auburn to complete our purchases.

On Rte 131, at an intersection near the famous BP gas station of our town, people still are making turns onto Main Street, each time going into the other lane, when clearly there are signs prohibiting a right turn there. They do it anyway. Is it ignorance? Or is it because they see others do it and follow suit. Maybe it is a habbit that they have learned, as it was once "allowed". Each time, I want to stick my head out of the window and shout, "you can't turn there." Right! They are not going to listen to me. The only answer would probably be to put up some kind of barrier. I've never seen even one driver stopped for disobeying traffic signs. As a matter of fact, where are the local's?

Today took the cake. I am still in disbelief that someone could do something so, I can't even think of a word to describe it. The grey car had out of state plates, so obviously she did not know where she was going. We were stopped at a light proceeding straight ahead. She came from behind us then almost hit us on the driver's side coming very close, as we proceeded to "go" on a green light. The driver cut right in front of our car. She making a right turn in front of our car to turn right at an exit that she missed. My husband, wondered why her car was so close, and realized that he was going to hit her, and stopped to let her proceed in front of our vehicle. Luckily for her no one was turning in at the same time, from the back. Traffic was not too heavy at the moment. We still do not know how we avoided the impact.

We both said "what was that?" I have been driving for years, and I've never seen such "stupidity". I don't know what is going on today on the roads, certainly it has become dangerous to travel even on a terrific day, as this was.

My husband is not quick to the peddle as I am, and is used to the so-called "nuts" on the road. If I were driving, we quite possibly may have had a different outcome.

He said, she was on a cell-phone. I didn't notice that, as I was and still am, in a state of DISBELIEF.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm not sure that I'm good enough a writer to explain what I endeavoured to do yesterday, and that was to facilitate the downspout into the ground to alleviate and direct the run-off, preventing it from washing away the new brown mound of mulch which encircles my beautiful Japanese Maple Tree, home of the Wrens.

I used a flexible, black plastic pipe which is inserted at the base of the downspout. Initially, I allowed the black pipe to run across the lawn, then dug a ditch which pitched the pipe downward to drain, covering it with rocks and setting brickwork in between the two large square cement stepping stones, which is a walkway that leads from the front of the house around to the deck.

When the job was done, I neatly covered the sides of the black pipe with brown mulch to match the walkway of large stepping stones. It looked great as it aligned the rest of the garden, all properly edged with new mulch.

The end of the hose drained onto a stone area and I thought that this was going to work out without having to increase the length and depth of the ditch. Unfortunately, torrents of rain came down over the stepping stone and not under, as I had intended. Plan two was in order, and that is how I spent my morning.

I dug it down well enough to grade the bottom of the flexible pipe to drain below the ground and attached plastic flower pots to direct the water between the two large square stepping slabs, joining them with another piece of black piping. Then I used rocks and bricks to anchor the entire job. The water will be diverted through the system and out along side the small ditch and will hopefully run down the lawn, without moving the mulch, as it did yesterday.

The entire job is covered by mulch, which is above the piped water culvert, running down an embankment. My only concern will be the critters, that may enter the opened piped area, like snakes or frogs. If that is the case, I may have to use screening.

Now, I'm waiting for rain, to see if my work will be successful. If not, I will have to correct it, as this area must be kept dry. The stepping stones can be slippery enough in the winter without adding ice on them.

Life requires patience, and sometimes things do not turn out right the first time. We must be willing to keep trying.

Last year, I was so upset with my rather large Hydrangea bush, not flowering since the time my kids gave me the potted beauty, and having lost my patience with it, I almost did the inevitable. My tender loving care was at an end, and after years of fertilizing and pruning, I was ready to pluck it out by the roots. Learning a secret on the Internet, I thought "I've got nothing to lose" and "this is the last straw," I went into the garage and applied the knowledge.

They said to do it in the fall, which I did. I took an ice pick and got down into the roots. Slamming them so they would understand that I meant business. The idea being that they felt they would be snuffed out and therefore, would produce baby plants and flowers in order to extend their existence. In short, they felt threatened.

I just came in from outside and can't wait to see what color the flowers will be. Just as they said, I have new plants all around it with flowers on them also.

There seems to be some kind of communication between me and my living plants, "they got my message". In thinking about it, when I read in the gospel about the fig tree, which whithered, I initially could not get it in my head why Jesus expected fruit or it would die. I got it now. How long would He be patient with a people who failed to be obedient to Him?

I can tell you that I now know the lesson on not being fruitful. Working in a garden teaches you a lot about life.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not knowing what you've got

Last night we met with people in a local pub to discuss theology. I know it is a very deep word for something casual, as we really hadn't even decided on the topic for the evening. You could say we just got to know each other and threw it out there.

I came away with lots of questions. I learned a lot about other Christians and came away with a deeper appreciation for my church and thankful for what God has given me.

Here are a few things that impressed upon me. There are levels of Christians, or many gardens. Even if our belief systems are not exact, we can and should pray for and love one another. The day of isolationism is over. We can agree to listen and to grow from each other's experiences. Finding Christ is a process, left in the hands of the Master.

I learned from one person that there are Christians that do not believe in the Resurrection of Christ, saying that you do not have to believe it in order to be Christian. Now, that is where I draw the line. That is our faith, without the Resurrection, we have nothing and it is all a lie.

Who and what religion cannot love one another? Belief in the Resurrection of Christ makes us Christian's called to love and service. Otherwise, there is the danger of being in a social club, rather than a church.

True Christians must love their enemy's, because they see Christ in each and every person. Father said it best when he spoke about Peter and Jesus who wanted to know if he loved Him? We are all called to love Jesus above all, and that was hard even for Peter. There are different levels of Love and Peter was not ready. We grow to love the Lord as we begin to know Him through the Church, the Word and through others. The amount of love we have depends on what God gives us. Since it is not forced upon us, we must be "open" to receiving it. Do you need and want Jesus in your life? That is the question.

I realized that God has given me everything, as I listened to other's who in some way have not found what I call the fullness of Love. It is only God who can reveal Himself to us, as He chooses.

I am blessed to receive the Mysteries of our church. These gifts offered and given to us, have been celebrated from the time of the apostles, and commanded by Christ Himself, who is the head of our church, "Take, Eat, This is My Body" "Do This in Memory of Me."
(Matthew 26:26) Taken from the Orthodox Study Bible

"Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you." Jesus is waiting for you to find your way. Sometimes the journey is long. That road is not paved in gold, but in blood, sweat and tears. I recall the very first time that I learned that God, in my life, was real. He was there when I needed Him most, and Has always been by my side, waiting.

So when the day comes, and Jesus asks you, "do you love me?" Will you know why you do? One of those reasons for me will be that He never gave up on me, and patiently waits for my love, accepting me where I am. All the while, giving me every good thing. Sometimes, He allows me to stumble in order to teach me, for my own good.

I am thankful, realizing what I've got. And sometimes I even think, "Why Jesus, do you love me so much?"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Day After

Today as I looked around here, it became clear that I live in paradise. The birds, scented roses and beautiful flowers. A garden fit for a queen.

I sat on the front step, sipping down my coffee. It is the simple things in life that are so much appreciated. Then came the down pour. Great! It gave me a chance to see how well the gutters worked, now that they are finally cleaned. Perfect. Off and on today we would have thunder showers and back to sun. Life is like that. Changeable.

Then, I retrieved the plants that I placed over the weekend, as I usually do each year following Memorial Day. The humidity overwhelmed me. It has been a crazy day. I'm happy that the AC is humming out cool air.

The TV is on with a very romantic story. I like this part where he finds the bottle while visiting Theresa. It contained a letter that he wrote to his dead wife which Garret tossed into the sea, exposing Theresa's motive for meeting him in the first place. The letter to Katherine was to be private and he feels betrayed thinking that his feelings for his deceased wife were to be shared with the world, exposed by a columnist after finding the bottles that came ashore. Thus, her desire to meet him.
They had been both previously married. He had not gotten over his first wife, so he thought. That kind of pain can destroy you. He was struggling.

The new woman in his life brought healing, visible throughout the entire family. Woman are "life bearers". She gave him a reason to dream again and he completed the ship which he designed for his first love, and christened it Katherine, and she witnessed it. Theresa thinks that there will probably never be anyone that he loves like he does Katherine. But this, turns out to be untrue.

A twist to the story, Katherine gets her husband back as Garret drowns at sea during a storm, trying to save a family in trouble. Theresa learns about her loss from Garret's father over the phone at the office, and flies down to be with him. Garret's father presents to her the new letter written to Katherine which he intended to throw overboard along with his wedding band, saying goodbye.

Garret's intent was to say goodbye to Katherine in order to win the heart of Theresa, the second love in his life.

Memorial Day is just that, saying goodbye all over again.