See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


soccer with determination and no airplane distractions

Monday, July 22, 2013

Music, Music Everywhere

Yesterday was an exceptional day as it was filled with various events. It started with church music in the A.M. and shortly after, "Near East" music was provided at the church festival.

Ryan like many small children was captivated by the band, especially the drums. When it is said that they have something for everyone, it was true in the case of two-year old Ryan, who enjoyed a hot-dog and spent much of the time going to see the chickens, and roosters. Father had a lawnmower with a load of boxes in tow, which he frequented often. Climbing up and down, he seemed knowledgeable of how to run it. Could be because he rides along side his dad, complete with headsets, they cut their huge lawn? He has his own motorized car that he rides all over the driveway and yard. "Unbelievable"!

Next it was up and down the stairs, and walking on the cement edge near the driveway. Keeping up with little Ryan is challenging as he is not content to sit still for very long, like his older brother.

Later on during the day, we all got together at a concert on the common. His uncle Steve was playing the drums. Ryan has allot of rhythm and he played every song along with the group. They were fabulous. 

I spoke with Ryan today, asking him what he liked best about all the things we did yesterday. He said in one word. "Drums".

His uncle who is and has always been a talented musician,  now does it as a hobby. "Optical Drive" is the name of the group. Steve has always been interested in music and at three years old, he had his own radio station in his room. Steve played songs for our neighbors, and he knew what everyone liked, surprisingly. Later, it was the sax, and guitar. I couldn't believe that he could play songs without sheet music on the organ. But there is no question, that his first love was the drums.

The talent runs in the family as I'm told, one of his father's uncles played the drums. Ryan's get it on both sides, as his mother also played the drums in the band during high school. He was so cute. Everyone was watching him dance and pretend to play the drums at the same time.  He had such a serious look on his face. One that said he could feel the beat through and through and he is "entertaining".

When the concert was done, Uncle Steve let him play the drums on stage along with his brother. Priceless. The two boys are having such a wonderful summer despite the heat. Grampy and grandma are so proud of all of them.

Enough is Enough

Enough is enough is probably what my little grandson was thinking when he had had it with the latest swimming attire. A beautiful bathing suit with the appropriate netting inside was what was given for me to outfit him in for swimming in the pool. Accompanying the suit was a little waterproof diaper which prevents accidents from happening, so they say.

They don't tell you that the new pants fill up with water and become waterlogged to the point where they are heavy and force down the swimsuit with it. So, constantly, he was pulling up his ballooned britches.

How can you have fun when your concerned with your pants falling down? What did we do before they developed these interesting waterproof slip-ons? Guess we won't go there either. I recall years previous, when his brother's waterproof pants exploded and made one heck of a mess in the pool and all over the yard.

Ryan had the solution, and as I watched, he got out of the pool, stepped out of the bathing wear and proceeded back into the pool. His little shirt covered him nicely and he had a wonderful time playing with his water toys.

I guess enough is enough. He loves the pool and in this hot weather, who doesn't?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Small but Mighty

Two-year-old and soon to be three, Ryan brags lately about the size of his feet. Come to think of it they are quite large in comparison to his small-framed body. We are constantly trying to feed him. Like most kids, eating is a waste of time. Unlike his grandmother, who enjoys eating, Ryan spent a good part of the afternoon, drinking juice and iced treats. It was hotter than you know and more of the same tomorrow. Frankly, it knocked the crap out of me but Ryan, he still has a lot of pep and imagination to go with it. Big feet usually denotes that he will be tall someday, just like his brother. Years back people called me "small but mighty". Not sure how I acquired that title. Maybe it was because I could always take care of myself.

Friday, we discovered that we have a nest of white faced hornets just above our garage door. Talk about small but mighty, these insects are aggressive and will sting you just because. They stung my husband in the head while passing through from the garage to the house. Others who have also been victimized by their furry, relate their nastiness.

Thanks to the courageous pair, Matt and my brother John, the nest has been taken out. Moral of this story is Never underestimate all the little things in life.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why Do I Love You

This will probably be the shortest post that I compose. Why do people love one-another? The love experience or "bonding" begins and babies learn to love those who provide for them regardless of what they have or where they are. They are quick to forgive and they forget easily. Just a simple word or kiss makes it all better. Some love and obey out of the fear of punishment. Authority in one's life brings about a sense of security. Love of family and "Parental love" exists from the start and  never ends regardless of the age. It is unconditional.

I like the term "smitten with love". That means to me everything that another person that you care for does, becomes so special even the smallest gestures make you happy and you want to be with them, even when they cannot return the sentiment. Love is heaven on earth, having feelings of euphoria, even when things are not going well, like sunshine on the darkest day. Love is Joy.

Love is made perfect when two can share the same feeling for each other, even when they are apart. Love endures through time and space and distance. I still love those who have gone on before me. They will always be a part of me through loving memories. I pray for them and think about them always. Love is Eternal.

Today the question came up on face book "Is there a hell?" I know that some don't believe that hell exists. Others are quick to remind you that if you don't change your ways you'll end up there. Some people are so afraid of God's punishment that they live in fear. God was never about your living in fear. His love is so great for you that He died on the cross to save you. When I think about God, who provides everything for me and those I love, I am thankful for His goodness and greatness. I want to be pleasing to Him. I want to give back. He is gentle and kind, quick to forgive and always with me. Hell is anywhere where there is no love. Hell is the absence of Love.

Hell is when you cannot be with the one you love. Hell is a very lonely place to must be a place where there is an absence of God, because God is Love. God's love is perfect, and that you can place your hope and trust in. God asks Peter, "Do You Love Me?" A very important question that he asks every one of us. What is your answer? You decide. Love never fails.

I just don't know why I love you...All I know is that I do. And "Love" is the right place to be...It is the perfect gift.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Consistency In Your Action

Consistency in your action is the key in training a young child for many reasons. It is useful at any age. It says to them, if you do this, you'll get that. I believe the result of positive bedtime habits can be beneficial to the whole family. Once children learn what your expectations are, feel comfortable and secure, they will go right to bed, and sleep through the night, with rare exception.

At grandma's house every "positive" action is acknowledged. Who doesn't respond to a kind word, hug or a special treat? Each grandchild will have his own likes. So, how are your listening skills? Listening skills get better when someone is tugging on your heart.

Some books tell you--in bedtime training, that you should use consistency at bed time. Close the light and door--just leave. One doctor told me many years ago, once a child learns that it's bed time, even if he screams, do not attend to it, and eventually he'll learn the routine. It's Not always that simple.

Grandmother's have their own routine...Observation. Once in bed, if the child is looking all around, he or she is probably "concerned" about being alone. It is not wrong to hold or rock your youngster. Some like to have you sing to them, or even sing with you. There is of couse the night time prayer and reading a book, (sometimes a favorite story they want to hear several times). Taking a little time upfront has its reward later on. Conversation about the fun things that you've done during the day or the anticipation of tomorrow's expectations, like going to see the trains for an example, will set their little mind on something positive.

Once I have placed the little one in bed with their do-do blanket, binki, and stuffed toys, there is a small conversation which includes stuffed animals like teddy bear. The conversation goes something like "teddy bear" you be nice and quiet now because (name) is tired and wants to go night-night. Sometimes, the stuffed animals will say to me "shhh grandma, we're tired now so be quiet so we can go to sleep." I will always ask, do you need the light on? Or do you want to keep the door open or closed? We want our little ones to be comfortable. Are they to hot or cold? Maybe the fan in the window will be a distraction if they are not used to the sound. Perhaps, it is your heating system, or a shade that needs to be pulled. Avoid all loud unexpected noises. Usually before bed, I start dimming the lights, setting a calming and quieting atmosphere. These are the habits that say--bedtime and they get it, eventually.

It isn't always true that you need to exit the room immediately. Sometimes, I'll sit in a nearby chair reading. I notice the little eyes that look up several times to see if I'm still there before closing for dreamland. (I always tell them where I'll be should they need me, or I'll say, "grandma is soooo tired and I'm going night-night too"). A snack is given well before bedtime and a clean, tired secure child is usually eager to sleep, sleeping through the night, except for the occasional binki drop or nightmare.

Grandma's can sometimes forget...but children don't. Several weeks ago, while at my little grandson's house, as I was ready to leave, the two-year-old asked my where his quarters were. So cute! He has learned by my consistent action that good behaviour is rewarded by a few coins for his savings bank. He doesn't really understand at his age the value of the coin, but he does understand that with it's receipt, he is being rewarded for all the good behavoir during the day, and for all the helpful ways he has worked to earn it. He likes to help. Working is a great way to get children to feel good about themselves. All accomplishments are important to all of us. Everyone has something to offer and we appreciate each other.

The success we have acquired is not so much that we expect them to listen to us, they want to do that, it is because we have learned to "listen to them". Often, it was the silent non-verbal communication that taught us what we try to do best, and that is: "love one another." My father-in-law was a much loved, successful and cherished man. I still can hear him saying to everyone he'd meet, "What do You think?" We all wanted to know what he thought....Think about that for a moment. We all need to become "good listeners" and consistent in our action, if we are to become successful and loving people.