See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


soccer with determination and no airplane distractions

Monday, May 31, 2010

Quest for Honor

Butch delivered in his speech today, at the memorial on Main Street, where 66 names of honored military men were recalled, a most unusual story. He quoted from the letter of a survivor, who was alive as a result of the action of the pilot of the failed aircraft, having rescued, by ejection, his crew. The letter was addressed to the wife of the deceased pilot. The ending is what struck me. All men will die, one or two ways. He died a hero.

Yesterday, we got the same message in church, recalling the martyrs and saints who are remembered for their courage and strength. They died for the sake of Christ who came into this world, destined for Glory. They are the hero's of the Church.

A few days ago, I watched a movie about Troy. Most of us have read the story about the Trojan War, and at least remember the part about the Trojan Horse. The Hero of this story, was played by "Brad Pitt," one of the greatest warriors of all time. Achilles, was warned by his mother that if he stayed he would be married and have children and grandchildren, who would remember his passing. But, if he went to Troy, there would not be a long and comfortable life, but an end to his life, and she would not see him again. He went to Troy as he was destined for honor. He chose glory. We have all heard of Achilles Heel, or the weak spot in a person's heal. This honor was derived by the arrow that was his weak spot. It lead to his death. His greatness and fame would be known throughout generations.

Every age has it's hero's and we remember their names and honor them for their deeds. This morning the bell rang for those who served our country and passed on this year. They are our hero's, born into this world to be honored, destined for greatness, choosing glory, and sometimes, the ultimate price. We read their names and speak of their deeds.

Father Charlie said the opening prayer, handwritten by a soldier that lost his life just after the letter was written to God saying that he was not afraid because he knew that God was near. He didn't know God until meeting Him in the battlefield.

Today we honored our Hero's. It was not quantity, certainly, it was quality.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Bring It!

What joy do you bring to the world and to those who are around you? Some people waste their precious time thinking about the great things that they will accomplish. Thinking doesn't quite get you there, now does it? No one knows what your thinking, unless you share your thoughts with others. I know people that are always suggesting what could be done, but as I hear the words I want to scream, "haven't you done that yet?" "What's keeping you?"

Maybe they are really saying, "I would like to see this done, so who wants to do it?" Maybe it is a question of ability, they can't for some reason. Sometimes it's a question of coming up with the funds to do it. Other times, people are overwhelmed with their own ideas. They have so many, channeling through, is it a matter of prioritizing? Some become defeated and give up. These are the people that think of themselves as failures. They aren't failures, they just never got there, for many different reasons.

Everyone has something to offer and most great accomplishments begin with an "idea" followed by baby steps. There are times when you just have to do it. Maybe you need a gentle push? People that are home see all the things that need to be done, and lack the drive to get started. It helps to go out and then come back again. You really do see things differently. Working and scheduled people never place too much on their plate at once, making each job doable, a little at a time. Eventually, it all comes together.

Do you try your best to bring to those around you the warmth that is inside of you? Your gift to others could be the warmth of your smile, companionship and friendship. Share with them your song, laughter, and joy. Bring sweetness to the world around you.

I often wonder what it would be like if God had not created woman for men. Woman are the creators of beauty, just look around and see for yourself the ways we bring it!

There again, to be perfectly balanced, just what would it be like if we didn't have the men in our life to motivate us, giving us the drive to see to their happiness, and comfort?

Soon it will be father's day and as we women prepare something "special" for them, we know what a gift they are to us.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Am I expecting too much to pick up a newspaper without spelling errors in the "headline?" Under "editorial," no less. People are either in a rush, or they do not give a dang. What captured my attention, outside of that, was one of the letters directed to the editor, posted under "Christian behavior needed for resolution."

The commentary was signed by an actual person, spewing out her feelings on the changes that were needed, was a more than generous find. She knows why the Catholic Church is having problems? It seems that she is, in her words "much to busy with what I think Jesus (God) wants of me and others," shared with us her thoughts on what is really going on.

It is clear to me that the biggest problem that exists today is that everyone is trying to "have it their own way." Or, they will not "join up," (her words). People know what is best for their church?

Keeping churches from closing it's doors, is not so much a fight over a physical dwelling, but what the root of the problem "is" as we are told on the opinion page, by Susan, "Until it lets people decide when to have children, accepts gay and lesbian people as children of god and ordains women, they won't have a chance ("in hell") to get younger people to join up." (as appeared in a letter to the editor,Wed.5/19, SOUTHBRIDGE EVENING NEWS).

Should we believe that this is how the young people are thinking, because, they are not in attendance?

Is it our place to dictate to the church what has been given to us? Can we really expect to "change" the church to our liking? Are we to write our own ten commandments? If so, Susan, your right, there will be no future in it, as that is a building built without pillars. The pillars of faith.

People dictating "their authority" to the church, saying change or else, have a church with a more serious problem to contend with than fighting over a building. "Until" can be a very, very long time.

Monday, May 17, 2010


It used to be that when you took a trip somewhere it was enjoyable. Airlines served you a lunch, or snack, depending on the distance that you travelled. Now, it is a chore. They weigh your luggage and of course, like everyone else, it's in an effort to gain more and more from the weary traveller. Weary because it is somewhat of a pain to be checked in and checked over, and by unfriendly personnel who being stressed by all the new rules and laws, really are not there to serve their public.

A new focus has become the order of the day. Details must not be overlooked. My family came back from Florida yesterday, and the second leg of their trip was met with several small complications. Apparently, the jet had been changed to a smaller craft, and as a result, thirty people were being bumped off the flight. They were horrified to learn one of them was their son, a four-year-old.

If you want to know the quality of service of an airline, I would say a move like this would render them many empty seats due to their inefficiency. It would behoove them to be attentive to matters of this importance. Parents are not about to leave their young children behind to fly alone with another carrier or at another time. Every effort should have been made to correct that situation, no matter the cost. As this "error" will ultimately cost them much more, should this story get around.

I understand that they tried to get someone to switch or give up their seat for the sake of keeping a family together, offering them up to $500. however, not a penny more, per policy. Good customer service would have tried harder, rather than smear their reputation of "friendly skies." We know also as their luggage went forward on the flight, and they did not.

My son was a little annoyed with "the hotel and meal offering", after all, travel arrangements were made previously, and not only did it throw off their driver, who lives an hour away, but disrupted his entire day. Chicago was out of the way as it was, never mind the other unexpected problems. They needed to get back to Boston that night, as work was scheduled in the morning.

Accordingly, the little one had had it with another flight, throwing himself on the floor, in protest, I learned later. I don't blame him one bit, as they were up at 5:30A.M., enough is enough. I heard that they were on their way to NY but, plans from there were incomplete. Imagine?

I learned this morning that they were back home at eleven, and luckily, they were detained only eight hours altogether, complete with their luggage, having retrieved it in Boston before they left for home.

It is not picnic to fly. Remember the commercial, "fly the friendly skies?" Right....And, that's why we don't.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

See, Say or Hear no Evil

This was the title of a cute picture that was on face book tonight, that reminded me of the kid's grandfather. He had a table ornament with three monkey's on it with one covering his ears, one his mouth and one his eyes. It was probably one of the golden rules. I've seen some at flea markets, and everytime I do, I think of him.

Its funny what you don't see in life, or you don't choose to see. Tonight, for an example, I was complaining that the popcorn bag that I placed in the microwave last time, only half popped and I threw away half of the uncooked kernals. John, my husband, simply said, press the popcorn button. I've had that microwave for several years and never noticed we had such a button. Nor, did I notice the one for cooking a baked potato, or reheating. We see what we "choose" to see.

How does a microwave know how much popcorn to pop so perfectly, that's in a bag? Amazing! Sometimes, you just know things. Even though you know something, it is a kindness not to "say" things that are considered unkind.

There are some very concerned father's tonight. It's prom night. I don't know why. Haven't all the films been shown about drinking and driving? Your child is not old enough to buy booze, yet, we know that somehow, most of the kids will have a sip or two of something. Don't worry, haven't your kids had courses in sex education, complete with access to birth control and condoms? Relax dad, they probably know all that you've told them, and more. I still can hear my mom telling me "that no one wants to marry a girl like that. Guys want someone who hasn't slept around."

Yet, it is true that girls that got asked to the prom, during my high school days, were known to be the ones who "put out." They would be doing more than dining and dancing. Of course, we knew that all of the talk was just that, rumours. Most guys were too shy to ask girls to dance, and they would just watch.

Seriously dad, do you think guys really care about virgins anymore? I don't think there are any virgins around. Kids are sexual or they are made to feel that something is wrong with them. It is suggested every where you look, not to mention the statistical evidence of pregnancy and unmarried moms. Kids are raising kids and kids, are great imitators.

So what of See, Say or Hear, it's more like whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Hopefully, it stays that way, but somehow we girls know better.

Will you be like that character in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the anxious father is waiting up for his little girl to come home? Unless you lose the see no, hear no, attitude and be careful it may come back to haunt you the rest of your life. Life goes on, and somethings are best left "unsaid". Whatever happened to "trust," after all, haven't you instilled in her values, moral and most of all, have the support of a loving family?

What I hear these days, is parents do not have rights, just obligations, and all she wants tonight, is to be prom queen.

Relax, no matter what, she'll always be daddy's little girl, irregardless of what is said, seen or heard.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Believe I Can Fly

This is the song that my grandson sings to me, while we swing in the backyard. I'm still trying to learn the words, that at four, he knows by heart. Our deal is that, if I make the swing go Boom, he will sing. He loves to laugh and that is what he likes most of all about me, he said. I never saw myself that way, though. I caught him imitating me, once when he was little. Kids can be so funny!

The song, I believe I can fly, is so appropriate for him, as he loves aircraft, and DVDs about fighting jets, like the Harriers and F18's. He has a collection of aircraft in his room, and has the "sound down", believe me. This week, he must have been thrilled to sit in the captain's seat, manifest and all, with all the instrumentation available to view and touch. This is the same little boy who was afraid each and every time a plane flew overhead while he played with his cars in the sand. Four-years-old and it is his second major flight, last year it was Mexico. Our little pilot has it down, and can tell you all about the features, including the swivel, turbo jet engines, which allow take-off with minimal taxiing on the runway. This is a far cry from the little planes he enjoys at our local airport, especially the one with the orange tail.

He believes he can fly, and does. Weather is also one of his favorite subjects and, as he was up there in the sky, lightening and storms pursued, enough to drop the aircraft suddenly, and I can just imagine how white his dad's face had to be. Yet, Nate enjoyed it all.

Today, we recall another experience, where Christ Ascended into heaven. The angel verified, to the eyewitnesses, what had just transpired. Can you imagine the magnitude of that event, one which happened almost two thousand years ago. They were astounded, awestruck and certainly unprepared for such a glorious sight, that even to this day, tops any headline that's ever been seen, heard or talked about.

Some have believed that they could fly, tried and have not been able to. Some people do not believe in the Resurrection of Christ, because no one actually saw the event. Scientist work to prove the Resurrection by working on the Shroud of Turin, and by various other methods, yet are inconclusive in their study.

Jesus, the risen Christ, Ascended into heaven. The eye-witnesses revealed to us that the Son of God proved, once again, that He is just who He says He is. Many saw, and "Seeing is believing".

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Are We Blind Also"

The Orthodox Study Bible (John 9:40-41), Answers the question of why you are blind.
"Then some of the Pharisees who were with Him heard these words, and said to Him, "Are we blind also?" (41) Jesus said to them, "If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you say, 'We see.' Therefore your sin remains."

Some people, at the time of Jesus, saw and heard Him, yet did not believe. Until He opened the eyes of their "heart". The blind man, receiving sight from Jesus, also was enlightened, and his heart was changed.

You cannot worship or glorify God if you are spiritually blind. The light of Christ illumines all "who were once blind." There are two types of blindness.

Recently, during a homily it was said that "sin was responsible for blindness." The man born blind learned to cope with the physical ailment. It has to be much harder to have your sight and then lose it.
We all focus on the physical, but in the end we see that he worshiped Jesus as the Son of God, and was thrown out of the temple, having had his "heart" put right. (John 9:1-38) Saying, "Lord, I believe" having received both physical and spiritual healing.

Everyone in the bible is picked for a certain purpose. Did the blind beggar come into this world so that the Lord in healing "the man born blind," would teach us the lesson of true blindness? Or, perhaps it was to give us a view of the Pharisees who were determined to charge Jesus as not being from God "for he does not keep the Sabbath." "How can a man who is a sinner do such signs?" Since the beginning of time, no one has been healed from blindness, which caused division among them. This is truly the example of spiritual "blindness."

(Matthew 15:14), Jesus answers that question for us. "Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch." This leads you to question of who are you following?

I find myself lucky to have been born into a Christian family who believed in Baptism where we receive the light and are made "new creatures." That my friends, is the only wealth that there is on this side of the fence, having put on Christ. Many young people are choosing not to have their children baptized. They are from Christian homes. What has happened to your faith? Have you been exposed to the "blind leaders" of this world?

Several days before Sunday, and the reading of the account of the blind man, (John 9: 1-38,) I received a call from my brother. Unexpectedly, he told me that he was now "legally blind." Yesterday, he fell down, leaving a meeting he attended, stumbling.

We are all stumbling through life. If we choose to live in darkness, we will have no hope. We can choose to have the Light. Just think about the blind man, who having no sight walked away with every good thing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slow me down long enough to focus

I have so much to do this time of the year, and my mind is saying do that and go here, and hurry and get this done, before it gets too hot.

We all know that if you do not prioritize and focus, you cannot accomplish your goals. So having begun with my prayer, I will attempt to put a dent in it, once again.

My goal this year has been to downsize. My neighbor's goal has been to size up, and he is adding something to his building currently as I type this. It will be interesting to see the outcome.

Everything has it's season, and I recall being as ambitious as he now is, years ago, building up our gardens and changing our dwelling place by the addition of skylights, new doors, and a recreation-type room in our basement.

There was always something "new" to take up our time. Then, I would scrub the floors on my knees. Today, I'll be using equipment and modern conveniences. I got my first dishwasher after the kids were grown and gone. I remember saying then, "I don't need one of those." Now, I don't know what I'd do without one, as the family has grown, and we get together mostly in the evening, leaving me to clean up by myself, after doing all the cooking.

My friend Linda just completed a post talking about being the hands of Jesus, as this subject was in our homily on Sunday. These little hands have done much work, and as I recall, it was not all pleasant.

Years ago, I heard the same story and was repeating it to someone when a priest brought more light to the "I have no hands but yours" story. He reminded me that we need to be careful here, not boastful or prideful about our accomplishments, as God could raise stones for His purpose, He does not need us. Working through us, we must be grateful for the opportunity to serve Him by helping other's, with our hands and handouts. I never forgot that I should be thankful and give God all the praise after that, as He supplies all our need. To God be the glory for the things He has done and continues to do in our lives, according to His plan and purpose.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meanwhile, the storm was brewing

Blessed Unity of the People of God
(Psalm 133) "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" The Orthodox Study Bible

Meetings will be held in order to decide the fate of Orthodox Unity and Diaspora.Orthodox Churches in our homeland, will meet having enormous and great significance. Will its outcome deliberately weaken "ethnic affiliations" which will lead to an English language liturgy? This will possibly be one of the topics of discussion. That decision will possibly lead to the liquidation of ethnic language schools. I think it goes even deeper and will require a great deal of perseverance and possibly, a miracle. American's are a great melting pot, and it's not like we haven't been through this before.

This weekend, we had a simple bake sale for mother's day. If you look at the sales figure, you would think that it was a complete success. Someone asked me how it went. I replied that I didn't know, that they should ask the person in charge. Money aside, it was a disaster.

This seems to be a repeat of the story in another parish that I belonged to where a young married girl's cupcakes were thrown in the basket in front of her because they were "American made,"and not ethnic. She was so hurt, that she rarely went to church. (This story was related to me after she and her husband were married twenty years). Shows the loving characteristic of the ladies of that church, doesn't it? That's how you love one another?

The leader of our bake sale, posted in flyer's and newspapers the prices of their Ethnic pastries, all other "cookies" had a set price, half the price of their items. I think that it is a mistake to have advertised in this fashion. "American" items were downgraded and priced as a cookie. And, placed at the end of the table, after their goodies, not mixed as they should have been, suggesting that their goods were better, than the "American" fare.

The record will show only a figure. It will not show the "animosity" that was instilled amongst the women who labored in their kitchen, spent possibly more time and money in making their Ethnic delights in an effort to raise money for the church that they love, only to be humiliated in this manner. No debate transpired with the leader, who's position of authority was respected, but, an important lesson from this experience was learned.

The end result is that women will no longer bake culinary delights of "American" pastries, to be treated as second class citizens in their own church and country. If they bake at all it will be from a box, or they will pick something up. Perhaps, a donation will be made instead, if at all.

Ethnicity pride is a big problem, which is considering yourself to be better than anyone else, whether it is your language, baking or anything else which causes division. Anything divided will not stand. English unites us, and allows people in this country to participate in the liturgy. What is the problem, then? Is it like the bake sale, a question of who's is better? Perhaps sadly, you are not even aware of how you hurt other's feelings and further, exclude others rather than welcoming them. Is that how you build churches? Churches are more that social clubs.

People are seeking fairness. When fairness is out the window, there is no harmony. So where are the kids of all these "cultures" going? Not to church, to be involved in "pettiness, isolation, and ethnic pride" but to a community of peers that have learned to live together in fairness, who speak the same language, and live together as friends, where they feel welcomed, accepted and where the word love for one another has meaning. Certainly not where t hey will feel degraded.

If you can take this lesson to your Orthodox Unity Meeting, then you may understand the meaning of "how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity."

Simply put, this is America and are you an American? Have you opened yours doors to the American Church that you built in America?
If not, what is the Great Commission all about?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Saving Notre Dame Hysteria

About twenty parishioners are pacing and waving signs at passing commuters in what I believe is a fruitless effort. The priest will make his recommendation to the Bishop, who will ultimately decide the outcome of merging churches in town, based on facts. This is what appeared on the front page of our Southbridge Evening News, Thursday's edition, in an article written by news staff writer, Gus Steeves.

Hysteria will not keep a church operational which is built like a palace, and in which upkeep has to be enormous, especially if it is running in the red, regardless what some parishioners think they are "raking in" each week.

I would think if people were in attendance, and the money were available, that there would no reason for a merger. The fact is that many church goers are "elderly" like the one who was quoted in the news tonight. She is eighty years young. In ten years will she still be in attendance? What of the other members ages? Are there children, and young people? Enough of them to carry the ball?

This news is disappointing but certainly not unheard of lately, given the statistics in this state. *A report from 2006 stated that thirty-one percent are in attendance and supporting their church. Attendance continues to decline and four years makes a huge difference. In the recent past, many churches have closed and parishioner's are merged, like it or not.

Some have a problem letting go. Eighteen months ago some parishioners saw the writing on the wall, and made the transition to another parish. Not trusting their priest and sending "40 certified letters" to the bishop and threatening to take their case to Rome, is a childish endeavor. I don't know anyone who would be more capable of making the call and rendering his opinion to the Bishop, who ultimately will decide what is best under the circumstances.

Church is more than a building. Stop your whimpering, and open your eyes. Your future is in capable hands. One who is concerned with all parties involved, based on fact, not on hysteria.

I hope you will not stop going to church over the pettiness of a class struggle of old, as this "rivalry" between the two parishes was retold by Harold, companion of Gladys, whose age was not disclosed, "Notre Dame served people west of the long-gone Grand Trunk railroad bridge, while those east went to Sacred Heart."

I was raised in this town, and yes, people down in the "flat" were always considered to be of a "lower standard." What is really needed here, I think, is a reality check, good old-fashioned trust in the Lord, and be thankful for what you've got.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The difference, Perception

Nathan and I were driving to the church yesterday to plant some perennials which I purchased on the weekend. Most woman know the secret, that if you want "his" undivided attention, where he can't run off somewhere, having something to do, go for a drive.

Nathan is no different, just a little man of four. Often, we talk about things as we journey. Mostly, things he is interested in, like all the satellite dishes on peoples houses, which seem to come in clusters. Then, of course it's the air conditioners on the rooftops of buildings, which I in my whole lifetime, would have never noticed, if not for his observation. He points out all the drains in the road, and flag poles. He tells me where he gets his movies, and what stores carry his favorite toys, remembering which toys were purchased in various stores. Then, it's where mommy buys her coffee. Where grandma takes him for ice cream, and he correctly names the streets and rivers as we drive by. I didn't remember the waterfall that he pointed out the last couple of times, but the observation list is growing for him, and believe me he doesn't miss a thing.

Sometimes, I'll ask him questions. Yesterday, we were discussing the trip that he will be taking to Disney next week. We saw pictures on face book of kids going down water slides and when it came to a beach scene, I found he saw in the photo, things I missed. A four-year-old can show you up now and then. I've actually learned a lot through his eyes. He is a little man at four, and notices air planes, motor cycles, trucks and "things most men are interested in, such as: sports, and car racing. Lately, he's asked us to go to the fish hatchery. He loves flowers, birds and dogs, playing ball and is learning to write his letters. We even play battle, that is: "who beats", a card game which enforces his numbers. The DVD now, is to watch America's fighting jets, which he never tires of, and of course, playing cars.

Children do not see things the way we do. I learned that it is what we perceive that makes the difference. What you think you are is what you are. I asked him, as we were on the subject of pools, "who has a pool?"
He thought for a moment and said, "you do grandma."

What you say makes a big impact on others. Recently, I heard someone say when introducing a person to another who was trying to make an impression, "He's in real estate." Sounds great...except the person didn't really own anything substantial. How you perceive another and how you speak about something can determine its value. I often say how big my grandson is. How smart he is. These things build up a person and cause them to think well of themselves, having a positive attitude breathes success. It's the same as saying "You can do it."

"Stop the bullying" has been a subject of late. Harassing short people is a type of bullying. A false confidence can be made when others think that they are better because they are bigger. I never perceived myself as anything but who I am. How do you look at yourself? Do you perceive yourself to be as other's say you are. If that is not positive, do you believe it, degrading yourself. Or, are you what God created you to be. God does not make junk. A good perception of yourself determines your confidence and success in life. Turn a deaf ear to negative remarks which are simply not true. No one has the right to "bully" anyone else. My mom used to say, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all."

I wouldn't want you to think as I finish this post that I actually own a large pool, and I did get a chuckle out of Nate's comment. The pool he so proudly was referring to is sitting in my garage. It is a very small kiddie pool which he can't wait to play in with his frogies and toy boat.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let not your hearts be troubled

Tonight I watched the Pope view the relic of Turin. Following that, a few words were said, then, a short prayer. This was the second time today I heard the term "darkness," referring to Jesus in the tomb. (I also heard the term this morning during the homily at church). The pope made a reference to when you were a child and "afraid of the dark." The love of parents help you to overcome all fear.

The light was in the tomb, Jesus was "not alone" love and light overcame the darkness. That light shines forth, His love is sufficient to overcome any dark hour that Christians may face.

We are witnessing today, a growing darkness. Priests are in a great danger and need our support and prayers. Dress and conduct are anything but reflective of bible teaching. That's easy enough for Christians to rectify. I have learned to substitute "praying instead of saying," in many cases. God can handle anything in a much better way than we can.

It has become increasingly difficult for many, enduring hardships in life, and the many destructive storms of all type. We are promised that He will "not leave us nor forsake us." It is not what you say so much as what you do. Lead by example, let go and let God. The greatest sign of love is forgiveness, as God loves "all" his children, and died for each and every sin.

I am a collector of oil paintings of lighthouses, which are beacons of light helping those who encounter storms at sea to find their way. We know the way, which was never easy for any Christian in any generation.

Light is stronger than darkness, and love overcomes all. Christians are victorious and we always will be, wearing full armor and having put on Christ, through prayer, fasting and alms giving, we are steadfast.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A twenty-Nine Year old jumped from a third-story dwelling

Wednesday, in this town, a young person jumped from a third floor, according to the local news. She had reached her end and was one of the "living dead," No light, no hope and no peace.

This Sunday, it is the story of another woman, the Samaritan woman. This woman was in trouble, having led an adulterous life. Jesus confronted her at the well.... wanting to end her pain and suffering, and, to offer her "life giving" water.

He saw that she was inflamed with ugly vices, but He displays His compassion, asking her to "Go call your husband and come here."(John 4:16).

I can just imagine how surprised she had to be, a complete stranger knew that she had a husband. She was carrying a lot of baggage, stored up for years with no way of being reconciled. Psychologists will tell you that is how you can become mentally sick. Jesus wants to make us all whole as He did that Samaritan woman.

So, in verse (17)John4, The woman tried to hide the truth from Him, who is the Truth by saying "I have no husband."

This is significant as the reading at vesper's tonight said in part the following: "Yea, that He may draw to Him the truth ensnared by the contending enemy, and give her water to drink who was inflamed with ugly vices." (for He alone is compassionate and the Lover of mankind).

In John 4:17 the following is said by Jesus. "You have well said, "I have no husband," (18) for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly."

In holding back or suppressing, we build up unhealthy levels of animosities and feelings, until we become unable to handle our small problems which become magnified. Untreated, they can lead to all types of sickness, despondency and death.

Jesus heals the Samaritan woman at the well. Through reconcilliation she is made chaste and received a fountain of life giving water, which is everlasting life through Him.

Many people do not avail themselves to this important resource which the church offers us, "reconciliation". Some, through no fault of their own, never see the inside of a church.

We couldn't help that poor woman who suffered greatly enough to choose death over life, and that is how the enemy in this story scores his victory. We feel a little guilty in our inability to reach out to her but know, that we can and should pray for all lost souls. It is our responsibility to help our neighbor, as Jesus did by going to the well, and inviting them to church, where they receive life giving water, which is everlasting life.

The church is a hospital for the spiritually well and the sick for it is Jesus who calls all to "salvation" through this vessel of peace, and love.
(Revelation 22:17) "And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."

References:The Orthodox Study Bible.