See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


soccer with determination and no airplane distractions

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Key Words

Everyone is pickin apart the speeches by those who freely gave of their words of wisdom at the convention last night in Tampa, FL. Like "pay the bills down, so we can control our future." That one had to ring in the ears of most people. Another, we need to face the "truth." Wow, how many are willing to do that? Yet, if we are going to survive as a great nation, these two things are of utmost importance, affecting the future of America. Wouldn't it be wise to ponder these thoughts. Ann was criticized for sounding like a corporate wife, like she was out of touch with other women, (especially single moms), as if she could rewrite her own story. Keep in mind, you are a product of your own making, for the most part. Your decisions will affect your life as well as those around you. Both candidates wives are well above the standard of most woman. As her story goes, she lived a "real" marriage, not one without pain, suffering, sorrow and hard work, like those in storybooks. It was an uphill climb by a beautiful, caring person, and no one can take that from her. They built-it by their blood, sweat and tears. The key word I heard was empathy --it is "tough out there", everything has a great cost, including sports. Everything is going up and up, without question. We all know that this is not right. It is harder to achieve the American dream. Hopefully, we are smart enough to know that we can change it. We all know that the breaks have got to be put on, and we need real solutions now. Who will lead us out of this mess? The one who is tried and true. One who knows what hard work is all about. And, one who understands that the best he has will never be good enough. One who will have to give every ounce of courage and the toughest years of his life for a greater cause, --liberty. You know who I'm talking about...And what about Ann? She will have the same role she has always had, a supportive, strong, caring and loving woman behind her humble man, picking him up when he falls and pushing him ahead to achieve his goal of greatness.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting to the bottom -- the source

The common denominator is....the first course of action when you are ill,is to find the "root cause", the source of the discomfort. I read a caption this morning that said, "is your job causing you to"????? That started the wheels turning. Many diseases are related to stress. The better question is what causes you to be stressed and how can you eliminate it? The world around us is, let's face it, stress-filled. Yesterday, when I was cleaning the bathroom, I noticed that the soap container was low. In order to fill in, I thought I'd rinse it out, adding water and shaking it. The result was bubbles overflowing. Of course, they had to be removed by cleaning with water before new liquid soap could be added to the container. We are like that too. Most of us are just a step away from exploding, sometimes unaware. No wonder our bodies take on illness, like diabetes. We are taught from the time we are young to be controlled, never to upset the applecart. We should be agreeable. But happens when someone says something contrary to our beliefs? We say nothing, acting unaffected. Like a soda bottle, don't ever shake the merchandise, it has consequences. In a material world, we must also remember that we are made of substance,-- chemicals that react to stress and we can become unglued, sickly. It is a daily kindness to yourself when you learn to become still and remember that in "peace, let us pray to the Lord". Put on the robe of peace,trusting in the Lord. He is the mantle of health and all that is good. No matter what else is going on in the world, He cares for and will take care of you. I quess that's what it means to throw your cares to the wind. Give it over to Him today, and try to do something purposeful. Relax, He's got your back, trust in Him.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Real causes of Heart Attacks

Sometimes your sitting there minding your own business, reading a book, and then it hits you....someone has said something profound. Something that you wholeheartedly agree with. The subject of heart attacks is one that is little understood and for many years, has been attributed to our diets. A doctor named Mike, has come out to say, he believes that the two main causes are not being happy, and not liking our jobs. I can tell you that I am in agreement with that logic. How often do you hear that someone died from a broken heart? The fact is that someone who is lonely shows it in his or her demeanor, like having a weight on their back. We must have the will to live, experiencing joy and know what our purpose is. Do you know how to have fun? Do you know how to laugh? Some elderly say that they actually laugh out loud each day, improving how they feel. It's actually good for your health. Happily married couples are said to live longer happier lives. Emotion has everything to do with the quality of your life. I recall the dreaded statement, by a family member each Sunday, "I have to go back to work tomorrow". It added years to that persons life, like doing the work before even reaching the bench, robbing of time, and precious happy moments on Sunday. What do you stress over? That is what is killing you,-- a heart attack waiting to happen. Put aside all earthly cares, trust in God, who will provide for you. And be thankful for all things, especially, in the work you do. Make the hours of your life pleasing, for yourself and those around you. Live a joy-filled existance. Blame, worry, and fear are the capital sins that steel your happiness and deminish the life that you deserve to have. Fear is not a heavenly source. So when you look at life, and aging, look again....your as old as you feel and as old as you think you are. My grandson once said to me that what he likes best about me is that I like to laugh. Imagine! You should see me dance all alone in the kitchen while listening to the radio. Remember the old expression "whistle while you work". What is ageing you? Change your attitude. You do not need to add to the weight of your problems, life provides enough of them on its own. Don't listen to bad news repeatedly, tune it out. Can you hear me singing? Wow, life is fun. Choose to believe it-- bask in the joy of it and most of all ditch the negatives. Just put on a happy face. Happiness will change your life. It is the best anti-aging medicine that I know of and it's free for the taking. Unwind, your stress is killing you.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Feeling Better with Good Balance

I've been researching foods for many years. What causes sickness, and simply, how you get back to feeling better. Since I am a bottom line person, here is what I've found. If you want to feel better, you've got to clean up your liver. So how does one know that the liver needs cleaning in the first place? A doctor with testing can determine if your liver enzymes are elevated, and therefore steps must be taken to reduce tissue acidity. This fact has been known for many years. Detoxify, before there is a problem. In other words reducing your tissue acidity. Inflammation in your body is the root cause of many diseases and aging. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and go "alkaline." Remember, cancer loves acid. Sugar feeds cancer. So there you go. Most diseases can be related to diet. What to avoid when your ill or when your pH is higher than it should be is acid causing foods like---meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, grains, legumes and nuts, until you get back in balance. Usually, that's all it takes folks. A well-balanced diet is the key, to feeling your best. Years ago when some had a belly ache, they were given a teaspoon of baking soda in a 8 ounce of glass of water. What that does is alkalize the acid in your system. People who suffer from stomach acid reflux disorder benefit from eating a banana which is loaded with potassium the alkalizer. It really is that simple. We all need calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium in our diet, which help us to maintain good balance. We all need good balance in our lives which allows us optimum health.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Laughter helps to overcome fear

Often, I hear it said about my little grandson, that he is fearless. He can't tell us when he is or if he is afraid, but the response that we got when he saw Wally or the Easter Bunny made it clear. The trouble is when your fear is not overcome or dealt with in some way, it will grow. People will accept your situation, often providing the excuse you need to allow it to continue. All well and good, but the old law applies--give them an inch and they'll want a yard. Several posts ago, Peter began to doubt himself, expressed his fear while walking on the water, and he began to sink. Self-doubt or thinking you cannot do something, leads to "I can't and I won't. What will change your attitude? Not much... It is sad when everyone is having a good time and because your not sure you can,(having self-doubt will lead to fear, (founded or unfounded)causing you to miss out. You sit on the sideline watching everyone else have fun, while your miserable. If not overcome, you can bring those fears into your adulthood, sometimes, even magnifying your fears. Carrying fear around is burdensome. Time to unload it...Our pastor made it clear that we do not know how long it took Peter to get out of the boat, but that he did. Mind you, the boat was in deep water, being in the middle of the sea, in the dark of evening, with the winds boisterous, and contrary, the boat was tossed by the waves. Of course, he was afraid...once he realized what he had gotten himself into. Jesus said be of good cheer, do not be afraid, and Come. Peter "was told" that he had "little faith" and was called a "doubter". The truth is that we are all afraid unless we are assured that we are in safe hands. Lord, save me, are words I say all the time, just like Peter. God is quick to hear. Was Peter's fear justified? Who wouldn't have feared getting out of the boat--to walk on water nonetheless, given those conditions? Fear is overcome usually by taking little fears on, slowly, building confidence. First, are you aware that whatever it is, causes injury? It may be all in your mind. That's what my mom used to tell me. There are ways to help you overcome those feelings, sometimes you do in time. A sense of humor always helps. Its easier when its play and involved with others. It is nice to know that someone is around to protect and watch over you, with an outstretched hand, like Jesus. Just think of all the things that you could accomplish, though, without the anguish, worry and tears that drags everyone down, especially you, once you get a handle on it. I can recall my mom, who having had five children and no time for fooling around, would say, "never mind your dilly-dallying, just do it. We understood perfectly, especially, the "or else." Just get over yourself....and you can and will accomplish all the goals awaiting you in this lifetime, one step at a time. Jesus expects us all to "overcome" and get out of the boat. That's what He meant when He told Peter to "Come." We are capable of more than you know with the help of Jesus.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Into the Arms of Jesus

Does your faith call you to put it all on the line? Today, in the gospel reading Matthew 14:32 tells us what type of courage is expected of us. We have to assume that Peter who is a fisherman knows how to swim, has seen many storms in his life and knows what it feels like to be afraid, and regardless of the risk, he would go to Jesus. He trusts Jesus enough to ask Him to bid him to come to where Jesus is on the water, knowing full well that he couldn't do it on his own. I wonder if Jesus waits for us to ask. Several days ago, I went on a boat cruise where we got to see the waves rip around us on a sunny day, and for some, that was challenging. The attendant suggested to me that the boat headed for Martha's Vineyard, which was off in the distance, on a day like this one, with the seas waves (rough) 4 to 8', could see many on-board who would become ill due to the length of the trip. None of us would have gotten off of the boat to step into the sea. No matter what! Yet, that was what Peter did. This man showed courage, by stepping out of this wind-tossed boat in the middle of the sea, at night, all the while being told not to be afraid, and to be of good cheer. He did as Jesus said, and walked on the water. The initial steps were fine. How long can you walk on water and where does it take you? Peters walk ended when the negative thoughts began, and, consumed with thoughts of perishing, fear took hold of him and he began to sink, only to be caught into the loving arms of the only One that can ever save us. He will call us on that day, through the storm of our life, when we too must walk alone, calling out for Him to save us from the terror of the night to an unknown destination. But for now, Peter returned to the boat, safe and unharmed. The only question that Jesus had for Peter was "why did you doubt"? A good question for the world today. Yesterday, a teardrop ornament came in the mail. It was unexpected, but strangely, it was like a message from beyond from my brother, Stan who recently passed on. This tear drop glass ornament having a lighthouse beacon on it, was engraved with his name,and also had the two most important dates, his birth and death. It read: "Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free. I followed the path God laid, you see...Be not burdened with times of sorrow. I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow...Lift up your hearts, and peace to thee...God wanted me now; He set me free!In reading this, I have no doubt that in some way he was reaching out with a message of hope and that he wanted me to know that everything was going to be okay.