See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's A Long, Long Road

This has been a week for news. Lord help Australia, and the citizens of the middle east. The citizens of the U.S. states and I, are wondering how long the storms will process themselves, dumping more snow than we are able to handle, in a short amount of time.

There are all sort of storms aren't there... and, looking out of our window I want to scream, "stop now"! Nature has always had a huge impact on me. Jesus tackled the winds and waves by His command. The apostles were surely lucky to have Him intervene at a time when they felt they were perishing.

We are being invaded by the white stuff, and if it continues, we will be engulfed in it. Buried in a frozen death, unable to run from it or deterred from it, and we are helpless but to endure it. I'm wondering if this is worse than a summer or spring hurricane? I believe it is, given the problems we will entail when all of this stuff melts, and our rivers will overflow their boundaries. The amount of ice in our gutters, and all our neighbors may be a warning of more fun to come, structurally.

Relentlessly, we have shovelled and removed as much ice as possible. People have tried to get snow rakes which are selling by the hundreds in this area, falling short of the demand. Luckily, since I have used one previously, I was able to lend it out to my immediate neighbors. The good news about where I live, is that we all share our talents and goods to help each other. It is rare these days, where people just take care of their own. My neighbor actually came over to help me shovel my front walk and stairs, after doing her own. Her husband back plows our drive at no charge. We share cleaning drains and fire hydrants. That is what makes America so special. We work together for the good of all. We like so many others in their neighborhoods and work places, are bracing ourselves for more to come. There are distant forecasts predicting yet another weekend storm.

Today is groundhog day and I am hopeful for an early spring. I can see the daffodils, and smell the lilac. We will welcome the nesting birds and their song. I can also envision the open window, smelling the clean, fresh air as it streams through the room, ruffling the curtain in it's way. I will look for signs of new life and the long awaited season, spring. The sun will engulf the room, as I look forward to drinking it in. It is progressing ever so slowly, even now, yet, in about a month and a half, it will arrive, gloriously.

Does dreaming help you get through the storm? Yes, it does. I will cuddle up, snuggled in my fleece comforter and think positive thoughts, sipping my flavored coffee, while listening to one of the newest radio stations WQVRTheeye, which plays some of my favorite country tunes.

If the groundhog didn't come out today, I don't blame him. I don't want to go out either...

The time has come when our burdens can only be lightened by the loving gestures of a friend or caring neighbor. We are all someones neighbor. Tell someone you love them today. Send them flowers, speak to them over the phone. Enjoy a meal together, or a song, or a memory. Remember the words to the song "The Road is long...."a song famous in the sixties? It's something like this:

The road is long with many a winding turn
that leads us to who knows where, who knows where.
But I'm strong, strong enough to carry him,
he ain't heavy, he's my brother.

So on we go, his welfare is my concern.
No burden is he to bear, we'll get there.
For I know, he would not encumber me.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

If I'm laden at all, I'm laden with sadness...
that every one's heart isn't filled with the gladness of love,
for one another.

It a long, long road from which there is no return,
while we're on the way to there, why not share...
And the load doesn't weigh me down at all,
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

The world is going through a time when we need a moment of gladness and love for one another. Let's clean up the mess together, and help lighten the load...for life my brother, is a long, long road.

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