See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sipping French Vanilla Coffee and musings

Today, most people that I spoke with could not get beyond, the freezing-cold rain that we are going to have to endure. Forcasted through tonight, we are expecting almost two inches of cold wetness. Especially hard for travellers, and small children going to and coming from school. It has put a dampening spirit on some, as I can surmise from the computer this morning.

I'm having a very usual day, not one of cleaning--who would want to do that on such a dark, depressing day? No, I'm sipping a cup of French Vanilla Coffee. It was hard to choose from amongst my many varieties, all equally special. One for each mood, and that fits me fine.

I can still smell the chocolate chip cookies that I baked for my family especially my grandson, Nathan. Ryan will have to wait a little longer until he can have grandma's cookies. Also cooling on the counter is a banana bread, that I baked for my mother-in-law. It is hard, for me to just look, but look is all I can do. Instead, coffee is the the allowed treat.

My skin is looking radiant and I can thank St. Columba of Iona Monastery in Southbridge, for the wonderful product that they are now taking orders for, on Facebook. It is made from goat milk and has other known skin moisturizers. Just in time for Christmas shopping and protection from the harshness of winter. I have noticed that the heals of my feet, which were especially dry, no longer are. When I get out of the shower, my skin is beaded something like the wax application on a car. I think that there will be back orders, so I'm going to get my order in early. Most people that have tried a sample of the soap, loved it. I'm sure my favorite will be the one that is heather scented. My birthday is Saturday, this is a hint for my family that never knows what to buy me because I'm petite and a difficult fit. Candy is out, and I still have a certificate for the hairdresser. Let's face it mom, the kids say, "You have everything." "We never know what to buy you." They are right."

We are creatures of habit, so if you have a few moments to spend reading this, you may find some unexpected humor. It had been probably a whole year that I struggled with the thought that my SUV was continually needing repair, in small ways but none-the-less creating a climate of concern, and more recently, had the thought of trading it in. The breaks were not performing well, and the back hatch would not close every time, as it should, unless you knew the "secret spot." The locks were all functioning, except the one that counted most, on the driver's side, requiring me to vacate the car to lock it, on the passenger side. We had just had the breaks fixed, so that spring sound came as a surprise to me, as the pedal would dip down just a little more than I wanted.We recently had the air conditioner fixed as well as the seat which would not fold down, on the driver's side. The tires on the passenger's side were losing air, the battery, which was newly replaced, had a problem with the readout, just below the plus sign, and I was losing patience. The fact that I had much difficulty cleaning it off in the winter, was just a tad bit as irritating as the side step-up, especially when icy, to mount the vehicle, which were both starting to rust, presenting a hazard. My mother-in-law has difficulty getting in, and the inconvenience of only having two-doors proved to not be the car of choice for my grandchildren. Yet, I grew fond of that old car, like a friend, who was an extension of my legs, and big part of over ten years. He served me well, accident and all. But, I traded him in on Tuesday. I had mixed feelings.

Mixed feelings is the word, yet life goes on...He didn't take care of my needs anymore. The new vehicle, also white, was like night and day. On the way home, it felt like I was driving on the ground. I also found that I was like a new driver who had to "learn" how to use the breaks, which were so sensitive, and being a sedan, required but a touch. Tuesday was the night we had to vote and because the line was so long, we went to the dealership where we got the car first, then, to what seemed like "madness," as the lines had not diminished one bit. I waited in the car, (in a full, dark, parking lot), having voted previously. Upon return, my husband could not get in the car, the keys were still in the ignition, so the car could not unlock. The parking lot was completely dark, and I couldn't find the unlock fixtures on the door. I had to start the ignition, to find the lights. The door knob isn't supposed to be where it is, and I kept reaching down out of habit, but couldn't find it.

There is no key-pad in the new car, so I will need to remember not to lock my keys inside, and the lights do not automatically go on and off. It must be done manually, or I'll have a dead battery in the morning. Also, there is a new feature, illuminating the panel, which can fool you into thinking that your car lights are on, when they are not.

I couldn't appreciate the features and package offered by Honda any more but I think that you almost need to be schooled on how to use, especially the windshield wipers. Luckily, my daughter-in-law and husband, who has the option, knew how to turn them off, as you can only play with something so long. Technically so advanced from the simple turn on and off wipers of days gone by, I washed my windshield in the rain, twice. I was glad to put them on intermittently, but when it started to pour, I found that I had to play with the gadget to get the wipers up to speed. A little scary while driving. I'm a fast learner, and I'm totally impressed with all that it offers. No longer do I have 6 cylinders, which I do not need. Just think of all the gas money I will save.

The salesman at the dealership was not sure of the code for being able to open the doors, when the car stops, especially on the driver's side, so were going back for a few adjustments. By that time, we will be "old buddies." We're going to get along just fine...I'm happy with my decision.

So, if your planning to buy me a new car for my birthday, your too late, John did, already. What do I want for my birthday? "Nothing more," your love will do. You make my life complete, just as you are. Because just as you are, you are my greatest gift...

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