See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

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Ryan and friend
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Have Stirred The Bees Nest

I'm reluctant to write this on a subject that has been on the mind of many American citizens and citizens of the world. Being a woman, and not having served in the military, certainly my comments do not stem from experience, but from observation. We have stirred the bees nest. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand what happens next. Maybe we could have avoided it, but should we have? I stand in agreement with the actions of our President. Doing nothing sends the wrong message, one that says we don't care...Is that what we have become?

People are raised to an anxiety level. Some are saying that it is the Republicans who back this effort, seeing it as a ploy to strategically gain foothold in an oil rich nation, where the world will benefit controlling the commodity for consumption, especially our counterparts, France and Brittan. Placing blame is fruitless, and that type of bashing leads only to internal struggle, conflict and unbalance which causes the nation to proceed in an unhealthy manner. We need to be unified, with consensus, solution and clear direction. A nation divided will fail. Was it really for oil? Other oil rich countries in that part of the world were part of the alliance.

It is not exaggerated to begin with the statement that Muammar al-Qaddafi assumed power as ruler in Libya, some forty-years ago in a coo, and has led a repressive government, one that lead to unrest, evidenced by the people that courageously rebelled against him. This has been an on-going event in that part of the world, lately, suggesting a larger picture, perhaps?

No matter how a person comes into power, judgement is a matter of deeds. We hear that this dictator participates in deadly missions, such as the killing of innocent people in the Pan Am flight to Scotland, which he initiated and was not brought to justice for, just one example. Our own president said that the mission is not to remove Qaddafi, but a political mission to liberate people, from their oppression, and quite possibly their death. It was also seen as an effort to curtail a humanitarian crisis. The effort was in response to the pleading of the citizens of Libya, to the United Nations, to establish a "no fly" zone to prevent their annihilation, from a murderous government, starvation and the like. He has lost legitimacy with his people.

One of the reasons that United Nation exists is to answer the humanitarian needs of the world. We, meaning of the nations, (those who care for the welfare of people against genocide), decided to avert a crisis, having no clear-cut answers. We have stirred the bees nest in a part of the world which is already "abuzz," some with a known hatred for their neighbor, Israel, and collectively, could and would carry out apocalyptic threats, if not for the watchful eye of a big brother who is not afraid to protect and defend the cause of the weaker from danger at any cost, at a moments notice. Some claim, we waited too long. Did we drag our feet with good reason, nonetheless?

Events transpiring are none of which anyone clearly wants to become involved in which clearly will have repercussions, but the world has become a small place. Every action has a reaction, which will play itself out down the road, good or bad. You know the drill, it is the leader that takes the rap. Who wants that job? So what we do know? Our President, responded with the other United Coalition, with United Nation Authority, as the "good neighbor," having taken his authority "as commander and chief" under the Constitution, with limited direction. Most polled Americans see it that way. The mission was clearly to liberate people under attack by their own government. Defined by a US led, structured military effort under the command of General Carter Ham. Not to remove Qaddafi, although most agree that he should go, because he has lost the legitimacy of his people. Remove his capability (weapons) in an effort to insure the safety of the people of Libya. The problem is that most people are short-sighted. They do not have all the facts, nor do they consider the region, and political situations and surroundings, thinking of everything in terms of oil consumption.

I have heard and am aware of all the controversy surrounding our unaffordable intervention and third US war, in an explosive powder keg, the Middle-East. Facing the unknown, we pray for our military and people who are doing merciful work in an unsettled world. It is complicated, and some would rather it go away, who doesn't? Nevertheless, it is here and we must face the inevitable, like it or not. We must be careful to abide by the letter of the law, where we can, and that means following procedures set in place by our constitution, not allowing our view to be under the U.N. Authority but working with it. We must consult with our congressional leaders. (In this case, we were promised that we would not have a preeminent role.) I have not understood that as yet, there is a clear exit plan, that will be made to be seen in time.

Seventy percent of our people have supported this endeavor, according to the polls which suggest that we are still a people of compassion. The compassion of our president has shown that he was willing to take away the big guns, and rid a mad-man who with his weaponry would choose to have blood on his hands, instead of seeking justice for his people, through reconciliation and peace.

It would seem that the world has taken on the role of big brother, (The United Nations). Was it right or wrong? I am opposed to a one-world government which causes structural problems within the military, as only one reason. Maybe it depends on who you ask. There are times when you have to do what you think is right. Let the chips fall where they may as we continue to pray for all people of the world and their leaders.

The safety net has been removed, and the bees have been stirred, and no one can hide from their sting. We have bought oil from Libya for forty years with no problem from Qaddafi, the man tried by his people and some world leaders to be an unstable leader, leaving little stability to a very uncertain and inflamed region of the world. Should he leave, who will take his place?

That is the question. Will the devil that we don't know, be worse than the one that we do know?

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