See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Re-localization is the solution given by the prophets of doom, to correct the way we are living, living in the way we should have been living all along. This will take courage to stop, take stock, and revert back to where we came from. What it will mean is change....change we may not be able to accept, as we have too much.

The present direction is leading us into economic crisis, shortages in resources such as energy and clean water. We are creating machines, having artificial brains, which are becoming more intelligent than us humans, which could cause species dominance. These hostile robots could decide that we are inferior, and may terminate us.

The advent of military weaponry and quest for bigger and better, according the prophets of doom, have devised the option of nuclear threat from terrorists, with a square mile annihilation, killing the better of a million people. These prophets of doom say we are either to secure or apathetic today, to realize the danger we are in, and they say it is just a matter of time.

Our answer is simple. It is time to look backward. Time to stop transporting food items from all over the country and world and start the locally grown food items that are required for our area. That will mean that we will need to depend on each other and the talents that we collectively have, take care of each other, become self sufficient and self reliant. Maybe we will have to think for ourselves and not just of ourselves, to survive. We will need to be community once again, talking to our neighbors. We will need to share and lend, and be ultra-clean and conservative with our resources, becoming the human beings we were intended, and used to be.

These were the thoughts of a young school girl of seventeen, while taking a course called "problems of Democracy." She was criticized and almost thrown out of class, when she suggested that we were going the wrong way. Accordingly, the prophets of doom are saying the same thing, telling us action must be swift or it will be too late to turn back.

Consumption is a big problem, having saturated markets, we make and take more than we need and give. You'd better learn now, before the big crash--you cannot eat your money. We have got to stop long enough to ask ourselves, how are other's in control of your life. We allow others to tell us what we should wear, make medical decisions for us, and in fact run every detail of our awakening day. Just yesterday, the eye doctor asked me if I had a flu shot. I said no I was not interested, that I believed in preventative care. Further, with every victory over illness your body learns to defend itself, growing stronger. He said without a flu shot, you will die. I wonder if he actually heard what he was saying. Is he brainwashed or sold on pharmaceuticals, every thing is a pill in a bottle. Since when does science and insurance or drug companies determine your demise? I told him that I place my trust in the Lord. He didn't have an answer for that. God is my maker, fashioner and sustainer, nothing else.

That's just what the problem is today. What would your solution be if asked by the prophets of doom? If it is to place your trust in what man has created, mistreated, misdirected, misused, and misunderstood, then your going to have a very big awakening. Your headed in the wrong direction. Set the standard, release the stranglehold. It is up to you to lead the way back into a simple lifestyle--do it now!

If you place your trust in the Living God, then it does not really matter what the gravest threat may be today, because He has your back and that you can trust in.

The gravest threat that we have today, is not what the prophets of doom predicted but, is the inability to listen to anything other than what we want, and not what God wants for us.

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