See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Survey Says

If you want to know how you are doing, you must take a survey to gain access to people's thoughts. There is another way, of course there always is, and that is to get someone to gain your trust, and they will surely tell all.

Last night at the turkey party I got an earful about what people were thinking and saying about St. Michael's Church. I am pleased to report that they are finding it "changed". Yes, changed. One man who was sitting across the table from me, stated that "it isn't like it used to be." Not willing to pursue a negative discussion, I moved the subject by saying that we are trying to make improvements, and named some of the things we've done recently. They have observed a different atmosphere, a "happier" looking place.

The "big topic" was our priest, how much they all like him, enjoy his cooking and the community meal, which has been growing in the past few months. Just wait! I've got a feeling that we haven't seen anything yet as the word is now out. The only drawback to this endeavor is that our back entrance is not easily accessible in the winter, if at all. The front offers a great deal of difficulty for the elderly because of the number and steepness of our stairs going down to the community meal room. Our own parishioners have also shared this concern. (All except the younger ones, who will someday find out what we mean). The elderly lady sitting next to me, said she was going to "hold it" in order to avoid the stairs. Bathrooms are visible to the left, with fewer stairs from the upstairs entrance. That means, from the hall, an elderly person would be required to climb up the roadway to access the bathroom. I told them we are working on that. Hopefully, it will be one of our next projects.
I thought of the many times, that I did what the lady said, and waited until I got home. One possibility would be to serve from the Museum, we'll have to give that some thought, as we have done that in the past.

What we need is the Lord to send us some hard cold cash, NOW! We use Porto-potties, which are just not practical in the cold of October.

Even so, people were there to have fun, and as we had to set up more tables to bring them in, this event was well attended, and by the look of things, they had a good time. I spoke about our evening services in November, and because people wanted to know when, maybe it would be beneficial to post those dates on our "community board" which is next to the coffee server.

The man and woman told me that their whole family was out of work, and luckily for them, they are at the Lebanon Hill complex for seniors where everything is paid for, with few exceptions. Nevertheless, they were happy that $20. and a turkey would be shared with their entire family and that they would have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. I will get mine at the community meal, as I did not go home with anything but a good feeling.

She told me I was a "nice lady" and that she was glad she got to sit next to me. She had a fun evening and so did her husband, who laughed all night and reminded me of my dad, (who passed away in October more than twenty-seven years ago). He had only one concern, "where to put the turkey?" It seems in the housing they have, they do not have the freezer capacity. What to do? So I suggested that they call someone who has a freezer close by and who could pick it up for them. No problem, I had a cell phone.

This event at our church has been attracting people for thirty somewhat years. It was full of new and old faces last night. There was a good affordable meal available and well received. Others partook of the "free" popcorn, coffee and pastry.

My friend, Linda won a fruit basket and Henrietta won a turkey and $$ for the trimming. All and all I'd say it was "fruitful."

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