See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


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Sunday, August 9, 2009

It takes vision

Years ago when we went to visit a very successful man whose name was Mario, I noticed something unusual. He would always say, "what do you think"? It was apparent to me that his "gift" in feeling out a situation was to tune in to the thought process of the other person. Getting people to reveal their mind is invaluable and empowering. This is a gift that he probably learned as a caddy or growing up in an Italian family where emotions usually rule the day. Once observing that, you knew how to proceed. What you thought and how you felt meant a great deal to him, and ultimately he made the proper decisions. This followed him in business as well. Observation is key and is a skill his son John also has. He knows what everyone likes and is a real pleaser. You can't help but like a person like that. That person is not a leader, but a follower. Usually has good ideas, but lacks the ability to do the job on his or her own.

There are other's who spend a great deal of time trying to tell others how they feel and how they want things to be done, regardless of what other's may think. Sometimes they will negotiate or compromise. But their independent attitude drives people away and overwhelmed, they have a lot of unfinished projects or ideas, having little or no helpers.

The last groups attitude is "it will be done my way or the highway". They give you the feeling that the only way things can get done right is if they do it themselves. Because they know it all, they bend rarely on any subject. They get things done, but it may take a lifetime to accomplish anything, and it may be half-xxx. We all know people like that and shy away altogether from them. When things get tough, they quit and usually blame everything and everyone else for it.

There a story someone told about heaven vs. hell which drives home the point.
People were sitting around identical rounds tables with food and utensil. Yet the people in heaven were well fed and happy, while the group in hell, were starving and miserable. It seems the people overcame an obstacle in heaven by learning to share, feeding each other, while in hell they only thought of themselves and couldn't bring the long-handled spoon to their mouth.

This story made me think of how different we all are and how important those differences are. Learning to communicate will mean that someone who may have a vision for something great cannot achieve it but through someone else. The way it works is that everyone is to add to an idea until it can be brought to reveal every aspect concerning it before endeavoring into it, avoiding pitfalls. That ensures that price, availability, construction, durability and unforeseen problems are worked out first on paper. It offers alternate plans for what "ifs" avoiding back to the drawing board. The people that are asked "what do you think" ensures the success of your project, cutting wastefulness. They may have insight no one else may have do to experience, or sheer genius. Once the vision is clear the next step is to find someone who is good at prioritizing what needs to happen and when. A person who has organizational skills is a go to person for the ability of detail and being able to see the whole picture. Once you have a time line and course of action, it is good to find someone who can sponsor your project or have an idea of how to acquire the much needed funds, or supplies.

Nothing begins unless you have a vision or goal. Yet nothing is accomplished until people can see through your eyes. It takes many talented people to accomplish a goal like those in heaven who have figured out that through sharing it all works. We have got to learn to work together to enjoy the success that we deserve to have.

There is wisdom to be learned. If you can get into ones brain and derive from it what they want and how they feel, if you can see it, taste it, hear it you can become one with them, and in doing that, you will enter into their happiness. They sure will appreciate you and you will become their world. If you can share the vision, hope and dream, and accomplish that goal pleasing each other, then you have a marriage made in heaven, or sheer joy.

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