See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Its time to face the truth in this country. I for one am sick of hearing the rhetoric politically about who is at fault for the overwhelming burden of our poor health which we are trying to, stick it to anyone we can, including ourselves.

The answers to high costs have been available for years. What causes high costs? In one word, irresponsibility. Yes, to a certain extent are we responsible for our brother, Christians, Jews or whatever you are. You cannot make your brother exercise, eat correctly, stop smoking, or any of the other known "bad habits" which lead to poor health and high health costs. How about the greedy, a fact that needs also to be addressed, but by whom?

Want statistics, you just have to look at one of the best hospitals in America today, the Cleveland Clinic. They are the first to point out that if you want cancer, diabetes, and some of the other dread diseases, you only need to look to the quality of food you are eating, such as: Hydrogenated oils, and I'm sure people know what junk food is. Buy the way, I think that is where the government should look first. Why do we have hydrogenated oils other than to insure a longer shelf life? Aren't these the oils that most countries, like Canada have taken from their shelves? Of course they would, they have a health care system that is for all. They know that disease is the result of poor food quality, that they do not want to pay for. Yes, people smoke, and they are paying the price for it. Sometimes with their lives. My sister was 47 years old, I need not go on. The problem is, will a national health care program pay for those who choose to neglect themselves knowing, yet not caring? As Christians, we are obligated to try to help our fellow neighbors, it took me years to get my own husband to quit. Prayer works. We have programs for everything and education is good but it goes beyond that. It must reach people who have little or no reason to wake up each day, but to enslavement of some kind. To unlock the door we must have the key, the key that says I care about you.

Cleveland Clinic deserves the positive recognition it is now getting and I only hope that other hospitals out there understand that they were designed to meet the need of the people and not become industries for profit. We have a wonderful hospital in this town. The staff is great and they've been know to patch up many that others would have turned away. The fire department is to be given credit as well, treating many poor and transporting them to hospitals even when they cannot afford to pay for the service.

I heard that people are complaining that abortions will not be paid for under this new health care plan. Why should they be? If you don't want to be pregnant then, that's your responsibility. Where were all these clinics years ago?I don't recall being pregnant out of wedlock in my youth, said to be desirable. Stop crying, if you cannot live with that responsibility, make sure it doesn't happen.

Just could it be that "obese" children and adults are not getting much needed "quality" foods, like fresh fruits, fish and vegetables? Sometimes you have to eat what is put in front of you. Why? Cost. Another subject that needs to be addressed. Cost of "quality food."

It is true that Massachusetts has paved the way for insurance for all residents. It is not free, some cannot afford it. Others, go to the hospital for the least little thing, that people with private insurance would not be able to do, nor would they. Who is bring up all the costs that has made this program in the red? Doctors must be made available to the sick and both their costs and pharmaceuticals must be affordable.

We need an attitude change all around. No matter what party. President Obama has some very good ideas. The key is to examine, where we came from, how have things changed, and where are we headed. The key word here is "we."

If we don't change "what the known causes of illness are," then how will we be expected to cut costs? Do we want to be a nation of healthy people?

So far, sadly, our attitude has been, if you don't want it, throw it away. That does not put a value on life, does it? What am I speaking about? (Obviously, I am a for life. "Pro-life.") Further, has this throw-away attitude diminished in anyway our view of life?Are we to determine who should or who should not live? By what standard? Will we want to determine what is the quality of life, which is to be decided by someone else or ourselves for that matter? And should these things become mandated by a government sponsored plan?

I have seen doctors, dentists refuse to accept different health plans. They will turn you away unless you pay cash. When you or an individual you love is ill, you will place yourself in debt. Statistics show that one of the major causes of bankruptcy in this country, is health care costs.

Just having your teeth cleaned could prevent heart disease. Preventative medicine is important. Who wants to be sick? Education, research, and reevaluation of food products must be mandated. Support programs which are not just for the "valued person," but for all God's children must be established by people who care for other people, that is "all of us."

We (because this problem is all of ours), will be solved when the attitude of our people is: I care, and share. It is after all fair and all our "Our Responsibility." One that begins with ME.

So, should the first question of a health care facility be to someone seeking medical assistance in this country be, "who is your health care provider?" I think not. Not if you think all people should be able to be cared for in our country, just because it is the right thing to do.

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