See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Revelation

You hear constantly, "It's time for the revolution, and I say it's time for Revelation.

Allow me to share my past recollection of Christmas. Families would place less emphasis on the exterior decorations and more on the Church. The family visited friends and relatives during the Christmas season. Friendly greetings filled the air. Caroller's "tuned" holy songs. Churches reflected on the "birth" of Christ. And, there was room for frosty the snowman, jingle bells, and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, here comes Santa Clause, and I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause. Silver bells, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Now, some churches feature Santa, with gifts. That is the only time some parents bring their children there, sadly. Talk in most homes is about "toys" and Santa, not a mention of baby Jesus.

We hear talk of revolution, because we are not allowed to say or exhibit the words "Merry Christmas."Displays which remind us of the way it should be are prohibited. Holy and reflective themes of the birth of Christ are hardly seen or heard.

Somehow we all know that we should be putting God first. Yet, for some, it is a way to lore folk into the shopping season, to fill their pockets, ca-ching. They had better be the first in line to the revolution, because if we can't say Merry Christmas, we won't shop there. The bottom line is the almighty buck. And that is their God.

Many had decorated their homes with beautiful arrangements before Thanksgiving, and now that it is December first, we will be hearing a lot more about controversial subjects pertaining to Christmas. I have no objection to the way you wish to spend your time and money on decorations, if it brings you and other's around you joy, as long as you remember why we do it in the first place.

The problem is not a new one, it began when folk allowed the changing of the name of St. Nicholas, a real person, to replace it with a character called Santa Clause. What we did was change the focus to presents for the children. Children of all ages. I love exchanging gifts, however, have we have lost sight of who and what is the gift to mankind?

While the home and neighborhoods will be flashing and all decked out, the church pews remain empty. On the 26th of December, the decorative items will be returned to storage, leaving you to feel just as empty as the container it came in. Did it matter that Merry Christmas was displayed for you to see it? Or, did it matter that someone forgot to say Merry Christmas to you, when you did not come to the stable yourself, to worship the Christ child, who is God in the flesh?

It begins with the message in your church, even if few came. While for other's their party was their priority. We are in the Revelation, or tribulation as other's refer to it. It is not a message you haven't heard before. It has to do with worshiping the Risen Lamb. The Son of God, and His celebrated birth, the first commandment, to Love Him above all else, and then your neighbor as yourself.

Acquire the "vision" of the apocalypse, (a disclosure), that has been going on since He finished His work on the cross, and by His death, and resurrection, grants you Life for eternity. His Kingdom, now and forever, is here and is your "free" gift, but you must accept it and Worship Him alone. The first gift that God gives us is "life." He will come again in Glory, but for now we Worship Him in "spirit and truth". In the end, accepting Christ will be your decision.

There is still time, after all, we are in advent. Let's allow His light to shine on us. It's a time to ponder on Jesus, our only hope. A time for joy, peace and genuine Love, a "gift" for all mankind.

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