See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where is Christmas

Late Saturday I stumbled on a program in which people were receiving awards, "hero awards," and the recipients kindness struck me to tears. Their love for humanity was well, there are no words for it, genuine, and not self seeking. It wasn't done so that the honor would be bestowed upon them, for their resume, or other acclaim.

One man stood out to me, only because our church extends an opportunity once a month to the community for a "free" meal. He was driving a taxi cab in NY, and simply rolled down his window, called out to a man to ask, "are you hungry." The man replied that he was. The cab driver along with other's started a feeding program, which consisted of rice, beans and chicken to 140 people, in order that they would eat, everyday. "They would buy food if they had jobs", he said. This has become a second job for the cab driver, possibly paying for the food as well.

A man who went to Iraq to do business, is now doing the Lord's business in supplying children, some who have been carried around most of their lives, wheelchairs.

A woman in Florida is beating at doors to make sure women get their mammograms, so that they will be around for their children, unlike the five year old boy who just lost his mom.

A young teacher in Africa, who looked after women and infants who have been rape victims, teaching them how to pick up the pieces and go on with their lives.

Several years ago, I witnessed stairs on public property being replaced, (perfectly good ones) while I saw the homeless sitting close by and I thought it so wasteful when the money could have been put to better use. Last week, a sidewalk was being raised, a perfectly good one. I don't get it!

Our priorities are all messed up. We seem to care more about animals than people. Then, as I drove down-town I saw the lovely "plastic decorations" some as old as I am, and Seasons Greetings, no less. Does anyone know about Christmas anymore, except for what they want? And, where to find it?

I thought where is Christmas? Then I remembered....I never like the falseness of it all, anyway. What of the suffering people? What kind of Christmas is it going to be for them? Then, I started to remember some words.... "Come," "We have found joy in a secret place....Angels and Shepherd glorify Him, the wise men journey with a star, since for our sake the eternal God was born as little child." I will have to look up where those beautiful words came from.

Like the wise men, we need to find that joy. The joy that can be only found in a secret place. That is the message we need to give to the world, "For by it those who worshiped the stars were taught by a star to adore Thee the Sun of Righteousness, and to know Thee the Orient from on high."(Luke 1:78)

The wise men, had everything yet nothing. Chose to follow a star, once empty, then filled with the Knowledge of Him. The world needs to acquire the "wisdom" of the wise men, and find Christmas in a world that needs it. And, like our hero's give a gift of hope, and joy to those who are needy, especially this time of the year. Love is a gift that keeps on giving.

Maybe the old and tired decorations do serve a purpose after all. It is a time, a season to greet everyone with kindness and to remind us who it was that came from on high to teach us how to love, "Him" the Christ child, and our brother.

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