See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Life is Good

Woke up this morning with my window open to smell the fragrant aroma from the flowers in the garden below. Not many people know the comfort or beauty that surrounds me. I am thankful. I say a quick prayer that today I can help someone to feel better in some way. The cell phone rings and it is my husband arriving to the parking garage where we engage in small talk, items we will need at the store, and plans we will make for the weekend. Greece is coming soon at the local theatre and we'll probably want to dine at the "Court House" following the stage presentation and musical with friends. Got to remember to give them a call. Sometimes, we make this a group activity at our church. Something to think about.

Made coffee early this morning with our new coffee system. It is so easy. All I need to do is place water in the specified container, decide what flavor of coffee I want from a huge variety, and after placing a prepackaged cup, chose and press one of three size options. Usually in the morning, it is a mug and strong. My friend Linda and I went out for coffee in Connecticut this week where they have a leather sofa which faces beautiful plants just inside the picture window. On the left, there is an antique heavy grinder, which she told me was used to grind coffee in years past. I wish they could see how much easier it is to get a perfect cup of coffee now.

Has modernization really improved our health? Statistics say we are living longer. Inquisitive minds want to know. Longer but are we physically healthier? Could it be that due to available tests we have a marketable answer to all our ailments and a pill for most of our shortcomings. Maybe we are not healthier but are living life longer, and sustaining "suffering," in some cases. (The difference, may be they just didn't know how sick they were because they didn't have anyone to constantly remind of it). I recall my grandparents tell us that the indigestion of a donut was really the heart attack they were unaware of, the fatal one. Yet, I wonder if they suffered from obesity to the degree we now know and its implications. That one factor alone affects negatively many people today in all age categories.

People reading my post already know that we sponsor a feeding program at our church. This community meal has benefited, especially the elderly, of our town and, for the most part it speaks well of the good will and outpouring of our church and its members. Due to its success, we are implementing a plan to increase the number of feeding opportunities in the near future.

With that endeavor, we pose the question, how can we make it better? The church is a place of healing. The outreach is to all and it is our goal to welcome each individual with warmth and provide an answer for what they hunger for. The invitation, like the statue of liberty, says give me your tired and poor. We say give me your "hungry". Some hunger for companionship, some are hungry for a good home-style meal as they no longer can or desire to prepare it for themselves. Sadly, some are too tired, and depressed to even care. Every parish is confronted with its own need depending on who frequents the event. We entertain mostly the elderly, which means that close attention must be given to what type of food is prepared. Fr. Peter is an expert in that department. Believe me, the word is getting out and we have become a very busy and well-run operation.

Our in-house nurse, Linda and I have decided that one way we can make it better is to make available to our "living without" challenged individuals more of the specialties that we are accustomed to preparing. The gluten intolerant, diabetic and those with dietary needs will find a treat that they will be able to ingest without the risk of becoming ill.

Opening the door a little wider, will also open the door to many questions, which we will be prepared to answer by developing a flyer which will help educate those interested in the where, how and why of our speciality. Helpful hints, a few recipes, and lots of funny stories and good humor will delight the reader along with upcoming community tidbits.

It all begins with a "need". Recognizing that there are quite a few people who need a little Lagniappe-- something extra, an unexpected gift, a surprise. Something to lift your spirit. The parish of St. Michael has a reputation for fulfilling "needs" with hospitality and good will. Come and see.

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