See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

People Types

No we are not all alike. There are people types. I'm the type of person that likes things clean and orderly. For example, clean counters, neat draws, and a place for everything. I do not have to see it to know that I have it. Instant recall, is necessary or for some, labelling to find the item in a moments time. It is called organizational skills. A person who is inclined to be this type, will be driven crazy by lazy people who cannot put things away. If you put things in the same place, you will eventually get to where that item is stored.

People of another type, "the lazy type" will open mail, and drop it on the counter, or perhaps they'll skip the opening process as well. Everything eventually, clothes, books, dishes and soda cans or beer bottles appear everywhere. I wonder, is that to remind them that they ate, or how many they drank, or where something may be. The fact is, they never seem to be able to find anything that they need, despite the fact it is right under their noses.

If you live in a small house, and are untidy, your home soon fills up with empties and is so disorderly that you will not have the energy to keep up with cleaning it.

This should be in a marriage contract. Before you say I do, find out because trivial things such as being "irresponsible" for your things can loudly spell out I don't think so... This type is often irresponsible for paying bills on time, simply because they haven't opened them or they don't know where to find them. The result can lead to frivolous expenditures, late fees and other charges. They'll be constant reminders and other notifications which may affect your credit rating. A knew a lady who replaced what she couldn't find, even though she may have had several of them already.

This type of character literally wants to live in a mess and your moving their things can provoke them to the point of argument. How could you be content living in that manner? It will eventually drive you crazy. Ultimately, you will live a life of picking up after someone else and then, have to tell them where you've put the items. On the other hand, your being a "neat freak" will drive them crazy also.

This does not just happen at home, it also happens in places like church kitchens. I don't know how many times some of us have put things back into their little spaces, only to find them back on counter-tops. Why can't they put them back where they found them?

Maybe it's me. I've trained my children to be tidy, and already that made me a good mother-in-law. I even make it a point to teach my grandson, that no, toys are not to be left all over the house, but to be returned to the room they came from, with a little slack there.

Looking at the room this morning, I can tell he had a great time. I am happy to see all the activity enjoyed by him and I didn't have to fall over all the pieces everywhere. We just close the door until we can get to it.

Everyone should have their own space, provided they keep it and respect the fact that other's do not enjoy viewing their messes, nor do they expect to have to clean up your tracks on the way in and throughout your home.

Who said it is easy to live with other's? The type that likes to not be hassled by their junk and expect other's to want to live in a pig-pen style are made for each other. Often they don't even see it anymore and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is "where is the ...." because they are blinded to it all.....

Maybe it is that you like to spend your life cleaning up after others? I don't. Here's the best one. I have a friend who is constantly picking up after her son and husband on her day off from work. And, they have a nerve to complain when she does not have the time to go out somewhere. Why, she is always cleaning.

I have another friend who says "It'll wait." That's it! They are called procrastinator's...

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