See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ask me why I Am So Happy

Today, I've got a sink full of dishes, having done a load last night before I went to bed around midnight, the oven is stained with cheese, the burnt-on type, it is raining outside and yet, surprisingly, I feel so happy. The feeling of knowing that you are loved and appreciated by your family.

Maybe things will change after my second cup of coffee, which I am enjoying presently. So what happened between last night, when I closed my eyes remembering the frustrating day, especially at not being able to enter the Carnival from my blog, and now? There is no explanation for it. Perhaps, I was happy to have finally produced gluten-free hot pockets, and have a ready to cook gluten-free pizza for tonight.

Normally, when I begin to cook, I enjoy every bit of the time spent in the kitchen. Now that it has cooled down, "I'm in my glory, "where I can produce culinary delights to please all. But, yesterday, I dreaded it. And, rightly so! Handling the mixture, which was a tacky mess.

I have watched people suffer from gluten products and am determined to learn to cook in way pleasing to their pallet. Challenged by products that are not readily available in my area, I am slowly but surely getting accustomed to it. The meatloaf that I made recently, was substituted with old-fashioned oats. It actually is beneficial to all of us as it reduce blood cholesterol.

It was kind of interesting to compare products at the end of the day, having made both the regular dough and the gluten-free variety. They both came out very nice. The process was a little different, for example, when you form the risen dough with wheat, you flour your hands to avoid sticking while kneading. You cannot handle the gluten-free mixture, which is hard to mix in a bowl and removal is messy. It is recommended that you use wet hands to form the dough to shape. The Gluten-free is a dry combination which needs eggs while the wheat does not. Perfect, I have one family member who is sensitive to eggs and the other, gluten (wheat).

Cooking dominated my day, and as the dough rose, I cut up the vegetables that would be used for the meaty soup and evening dip. As well, I prepared the cheeses and arranged the crackers. I used several types of cheese, including a buffalo-hot type of cheese inside the folded pockets with onions and beef salami, which surprised my family members as they found it uncharacteristic of my cooking. Jean, on the other hand, liked the combination and found it suitable to her taste. We ate at a slower pace for sure. All except for our "big boy," who is soon to be a "big brother," wolfing down his meatloaf, peas and tomatoes and actually asked for another bowl of the chunky soup.

I did not make dessert, but had egg-free girl scout cookies that they enjoyed as much as making their own flavorful coffee in the living room, from the new Keurig Coffee maker, which resolves the caffeine or decaf dilemma.

Nate, our grandson was satisfied with his favorites, chocolate milk, and chocolate ice cream. The cookie that I previously made, (chocolate-chip) was hand carried for a treat today, because he was so well behaved at grandma's house, and because I love him dearly. He got a kick out of hearing that I made monkey-bread, as his brother's room is decorated with monkey's everywhere. The surprise was on me, though, when he changed into his monkey pajamas.

We all have so much to share, a lot of laughs and stories, beginning from the beer in the kitchen, to the dinning room and finishing with dessert in the living room. Many families do not even speak to one another. We enjoy being together.

Next, we will assemble the baby furniture for our new and soon to be born, family member. He will learn, how much fun it is to come to grampy and grandma's house, where everyone here is made to feel, special.

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