See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Conquering Fear of the Unknown

Today, Nathan my grandson, husband John and I went to the church before taking off on another excursion. Our objective was to water the plants, especially the new fall Asters, which replaced the Hydrangeas. We knew it would take a while to accomplish this task, but it is good to teach our grandchild to help with chores and at the same time, it gives us a bit of exercise. He always likes to go to the church, and maybe next year we will get him a bigger water pot. At three he can manage the small yellow plastic one, but it requires many fillings. While there, I decided to pass the broom and believe it or not, there are signs of an early foliage, as the color is starting to develop here and there. Anyway, low and behold there it was with one sweep a baby snake. I knew immediately by the yellow ring on its neck that we were not in danger, so I called our three-year-old Nate over to see it.

He is getting braver, and said something about his mother liking it, I laughed because I know better. It is my hope to teach him that unless it presents a potential for harm, all God's creatures are good and have a purpose in life. Even the bees which we carefully go by without disturbing, make honey which is good for us to eat.

Yesterday, he was very well behaved at the Liturgy. I later learned that he observed Linda ringing the bell and he helped hold the door open for Fr. Peter. He told grampy that he liked it when grandma sang in church. He observed grampy reading the Epistle and holding the sensor. Not much was said but he takes it all in. After I took Communion, I gave him a small piece of bread. After church we all went to breakfast at the airport, where he watched the small airplanes come in. And along the way, small farm animals, ponies and goats.

He had a quick swim in the kiddie pool and then snuggled on the swing to keep warm while he rested, which was followed by a picnic lunch on a big green blanket. Grampy had the best part picking up and taking out all the toys and filling the pool, adding extra hot water to a warm temperature. Later in the day we took a ride to see the new vehicles in stock and he decided that he wants to own, (when he gets big), a blue Mustang. While grampy gathered brochures we spotted a bunny in the wood, chomping on grass. So, we went for a little visit to engage him.

Of course, he was fascinated by the drains, and wanted to see the water go down them as the cars were being washed at the dealership. The sales representative let him sit in the new version of the FUSION-hybrid that Ford has out, a 2010 in dark green metallic paint. Things couldn't get much more exciting for a little guy. Except for the ice cream on the way home and a quick stop at the lake.

I was hoping to sleep in late this morning, yet the one toy he did not play with, the lawn mower, was the first thing in hand this a.m., as he went around the house and loudly cut the grass. I was up in a flash as he was hungry. The big event today was going by the largest in New England, antique and flea market in Brimfield. It was exciting to see all the things displayed in tents endlessly. Our destination was Palmer to the train station which had been reviewed on TV recently. It was well worth the trip, the museum and restaurant was unique and good. We enjoyed watching the trains go by, (his first experience up close and running). The Amtrak which went a little fast, sort of scared him. So I said it was a good thing he was holding my hand because it scared me a little bit. Then he admitted he liked the slow ones and not the fast ones. They tooted the horn, and he did well for a three-year-old.

We got home and watered grandma's plants, and then watched a favorite movie, while he had ice-cream with blueberries and chocolate bits. The only thing that could have made it better was a balloon, that is remembering to take it home as grampy bought him the lightening McQueen one.

All this and he didn't forget to pick a flower for his mom, because he loves her so. Come to think of it, he was so happy to see his daddy when he picked him up after work today, Nathan had so much to share with him. His only disappointment was that we didn't have time to go to see the "fish" at the fish hatchery. Since we are on vacation, I think that could be arranged, perhaps on Friday when his parents take in a Boston Red Sox game, provided the weather is good.

Pondering the day, we all get scared of unknown circumstances. The only way to resolve fear is to conquer it with faith. Belief that we are all in "good loving hands." We learn to understand "His love" through those who surround us with their love, right here and right now.

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