See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Entertainment means different things to different people at different ages. The past few days have provided a variety of which I hadn't done in a while. Such as: visiting the train station, fish hatchery, airport and car dealers, all because of our grandson's interest in "guy" things.

We of course ate at each of these places, except for the fish hatchery. That was very interesting, as I saw it through the eyes of Nathan. He was fascinated by the water systems, that looked like a huge fountain on one side, or sprinkler, and a huge sink or basin where the water coming through the hatchery emptied down what looked like a large sink drain. Of course the water filtered through the falls. As many times as I'd been there, I don't recall actually paying attention to such detail. He sees everything! As a matter of fact, at the train station, while sitting in the renovated depot restaurant, he not only viewed the large fans above the tables, but the burnt out light bulbs.

The dealership for cars sported his "favorite" the Ford Mustang. Rear wheel drive and sleek body, bright blue. He all but got under the car to observe its design and operation. Of course, that is the car he wants when he grows up, and at three, that's many years to come.

At the hatchery yesterday, the wind blew up part of the netting placed over the small fish, and in entered a very large-wing-spanned bird, slate grey and very similar to the blue Heron, if not in fact one. We saw it enter, but not come out. I'm sure it ate it's fill. There was no one around and the area was clearly marked "no visitors. etc," so we wonder what happened to the uninvited winged intruder? Nathan distinguishes between fish, there were beautiful rainbow trout, brook and brown trout. He enjoyed watching them swim, of course he has a fish tank at home, but these were much much bigger.

Nathan, looking down saw a white clover flower and remarked, that's what the bunny that we saw at the dealership, ate. How he remembers all is remarkable. He is quite entertaining. The bunny was cute, it watched us intently but was not about to run away giving up its meal.

I got to see Peter Pan in return to Never Land, pixie-powered Edition. I didn't care for it, neither did he. But he loved 101 Dalmatians, and we watched it twice. I observed that he got quite mad when the two hired men were going to hurt the puppies, noticing his protective side and tone, as he explained what he was going to do to the bad men. My little man at three.

It was finally time to go home, and with that came the big tears, which always breaks grandma's heart, but I consoled him with big chocolate chip cookies to take with him, because he was such a good boy. He even managed to put on his own shoes, with the velcrow strap. It wasn't until much later in the day when I discovered that he had been wearing them on the wrong feet.

He is so entertaining and as well he will entertain his friends at the day care with a fish tale or two.

That evening we went with friends to dinner and see a play called, "DOUBT" A Parable, at the Bradley Playhouse in Putnam, CT. The production, with a cast of four, magnificently proved that after hearing gossip and trying to determine if a person is innocent or guilty based on your own conclusions, without evidence, one's belief can go too far, leaving you to doubt.

That leads me to today. This evening we are entering into The Exaltation (Elevation) of the Precious and Lifegiving Holy Cross. If one does not possess the "faith" to believe, the cross which was recovered serves as testimony to the fact. Without a dispute, gives us the physical evidence that Christ was crucified, and as scripture tells, us we are to believe in His resurrection from the dead, as eye witnesses to His Ascension into heaven, by those who knew Him, seal the deal, for those who "doubt."

It was interesting to hear the story about gossip from the young priest who was the primary actor and played an impressive role. It went something like this: A woman after receiving confession for gossiping, was asked to rip open a feathered pillow up on a rooftop, allowing its contents to spill over and blow everywhere. Then, to retrieve all the feathers in order to undue the harm done. It is impossible, no doubt.

We are called to preach only that which is true. We examine the evidence through someone else's eyes and in faith, we must shout from the rooftop "Christ Risen From the Dead." In the end, when you think about it, we will be as accountable as the woman with the feathers, have no doubt about it.

Show others what you believe by your actions. Release the feathers of your faith.

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