See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
Mommy, Daddy, I'm saying Hi to Grandma?

This one is for you, Grandma!


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Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Have A Sixth Sense?

Could it be that your perceptive, or intuitive? I try to anticipate things, perhaps it is a skill to be able to see things so completely or maybe its just that being organized has helped me to sense when something is not right or missing. No, it goes beyond that.

It is said that we do not use our brain completely and in fact hardly to its potential. I've always been observant, but no it goes beyond that. Did you ever have a funny feeling that something was wrong, or that someone was thinking about you? Years ago, it was said if your hand itched it meant money, if it were the left hand, or meeting someone if it were the right or hand shaking hand. If your left ear was ringing, someone was talking badly about you, and it were the right, someone was saying something nice about you.

When we were children, we played a game, placing three cups on a table with something hidden under one of them, you had to guess which one. I still don't know how I knew.

Then, it was the phone. I knew when it was going to ring, especially when it was my sister calling. I knew when she was going into the hospital to have her first baby, and she was down South as her husband was in the military. Maybe that was a coincidence, I thought. Yet, is it? I know when my husband is going to call me, and I go to get the phone, many times, almost twice a day. I even wake up to grab the phone when I am sleeping. Maybe I do have a sixth sense.

A few days ago the kids were over for dinner and since we do not know whether the new baby will be a girl or boy, I heard Steve say "ask ma she's good at guessing." I think it will be another boy. I can't wait to find out. We will love it no matter what.

I have read that you can develop your sixth sense, if there is such a thing, but sometimes not knowing is better than knowing in many cases. I sometimes think that it had to be difficult for Jesus, who prepared his disciples for His impending death.

Besides knowing when the phone is ringing, I know and can feel when someone I care about is thinking about me. Everyone knows when someone is looking at them, feeling their stare. I don't know how...I sometimes remember my entire dreams in detail and in color, and can at times hear myself singing songs with lyrics that I cannot remember when I am awake.

When we were teens, talk about having ESP was the rave. It means extra sensory perception, and we all agreed that all of us had just a little bit of it in us. That is, a premonition. It was mostly said in fun, a pretense. So what do you think, Do you have ESP-the sixth sense?

One Halloween night, it was more...I had a feeling that I was going to be in an awful car accident, a feeling of impending death. As a Catholic, I began to recite an act of contrition, and sure enough, the car that I was in, was in a horrible car crash, hitting two parked cars, and when the dust cleared, the driver was unconscious and I walked away without a scratch. Hospital staff could not believe that I was in that car which was totalled, as they said the passenger almost always gets killed. That was more than a premonition, it was a miracle.

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