See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

See Grandma, my eyes are really dark blue....not big brown ones like daddy

Ryan and friend

Ryan and friend
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care with Reform

The question is do we as citizens claim health care as a right? Do we have the right to expect affordable health care? What is affordable to some, may not be affordable to the masses. What is needed then, is compassion. That means someone has to care about the costs which extend the affordability of those who are needy, or they simply will suffer as a result. We will always have the poor with us. We cannot sweep health needs under the carpet, while the institutions, doctor's and insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies get richer without concern for the unfortunate. How do we address their issues? Do we care? We are in this all together, and that is a fact.

Can we become a country that lets its people go unattended during a crisis? No, we bring them to the hospital and the first question should not be are you insured. Perhaps, if everyone were insured, could a crisis have been averted initially, avoiding higher and unnecessary costs and suffering, having been able to be treated by a clinic or health care provider when the situation was at an early stage?

Why is it that people are tossed around from place to place without receiving the help they need? Medical Coverage. I've seen it myself while working in a medical office. Basic dental care should also be included in a health care policy, avoiding abscesses and the suffering they cause. It is not all cosmetic and good dental care affects your whole body. Right now it is available to either the very poor, or the rich unless you have a dental plan, without a cap that makes good dentistry attainable. Reform is needed here.

Health Care should be extended to all people. Our concern should be on keeping our people healthy and prevention should be made the priority concerning the wellness of our people. Why are our people ill? Lets work to make food better, affordable and other deterrents of health a thing of the past, like smoking and obesity. Make exercise affordable and available to all.

Is the attitude that we now have: "Unless you have money, we don't care about you" acceptable? Or, is it, why should I pay for your problem, its not mine? Then a No Vote should be your answer to the debate concerning health care.

It has become messy. Payoffs, and the bottom line, is always what is this going to cost? Why don't you focus on all the money you spend unwisely, and cut the "pork spending," write-offs extended in business practices, and giving money to those who don't have a need for more, and you'll find a few bucks to help out your brother. There is a huge gap between those that have and those who have not.

The problem with Health Care, expressed by the majority of people that I know, is to fund abortion, or the killing of the unborn, with our hard earned tax dollars, and find this killing of the innocent to be an aberrant behavior.

It discloses the real truth in this country. That is, that we have become immoral in our behaviours. We do not teach our children the values instilled on us since the beginning of the establishment of this great nation. Our answer to problems that arise are: ignore it, or get rid of it. That is only after denial. Our value has always been in our children. Look to places like China if you think we should involve ourselves in killing our infants by abortion. Should the concern be for another mouth to feed, then the questions is why are you asking that question now? If you are a citizen of this nation, hopefully you are a responsible one as your actions affect all of us. Having children outside of wedlock, on a government sponsored program is not what I would call being responsible, putting aside procedures allowing scientific methods of multiple birthing experiences which is in my opinion, insanity.

Have we become irresponsible in terms of morals? Having children should be a well thought out process which includes bringing into this world a human being that will be loved and cared for. This is the question that should be sought after, which would have an effect on abortion in this land. That question is asked of and falls on the responsibility of churches, and parents alike and not on school teachers who teach sex to children too young to understand the consequences of their actions. It always began at home. Having babies should not be a government process. Legislating life is a dangerous avenue when left into the hands of a few decision makers.

Putting that aside, we have a huge decision at hand for the masses in this country, our brothers and sisters, a nation that has got to pull together and use the intelligence that I know we so "proudly" say we have. And, prayerfully, we must choose as ultimately, a nation of unhealthy citizens is all our concern. Failure to adequately address these issues will bite us unpleasantly either way you look at it.

How do I see it? Good health is a solution for this nation, a "cost saving" in the end. That means we need a program that meets the need of all its citizens. We must remain healthy people in order to sustain our country, that is: Can we afford to be otherwise? What's it going to take? It will take hard work. Americans are not immune to that. Together we can...


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